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Jain Software Recruitment

May 8, 2016 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Central India’s Fastest Growing Software Company inviting application for Internship .

Please shoot out your resume along with cover letter at recruit@jain.software .

What we’re looking for ?

We’re ON to recruit world’s best talents .Find out answer of few queries that some guys sent on my email hr[at]jain.software .

What is Jain Software Developers looking for?

“We are not simply looking for engineers to solve the problems they already know the answers to; we are interested in engineers who can work out the answers to questions they have not come across before.”

Interviewers will be looking at the approach to questions as much as the answer…

Does the candidate listen carefully and comprehend the question?
Are the correct questions asked before proceeding? (important!)
Is brute force used to solve a problem? (not good!)

Are things assumed without first checking? (not good!)

Recruitment Drive Raipur

Recruitment Drive Raipur

Are hints heard and heeded?

Is the candidate slow to comprehend / solve problems? (not good!)
Does the candidate enjoy finding multiple solutions before choosing the best one?
Are new ideas and methods of tackling a problem sought?
Is the candidate inventive and flexible in their solutions and open to new ideas?
Can questioning move up to more complex problem solving?
Tips on how to prepare for an interview at Jain Software Developers :

Jain Software Developers is keen to see really high quality, efficient, clear code without typing mistakes. Because all engineers (at every level) collaborate globally throughout the code base, with an efficient code review process, its essential that every engineer works at the same high standard.

The interviewers are keen to assess your ability to development original software in a fairly short period of time. Interview topics may cover anything on your CV (especially if you have stated that you
are an expert!), building and developing complex algorithms and analysing their performance characteristics, logic problems, systems design and fundamental computer science principles ? hash tables, stacks, arrays, data?structures, object oriented programming skills, algorithms, etc. and how they can be used in your solution.

This is the important bit:
For instance, he/she may set a deliberately ambiguous real?world problem and ask you to find solutions to it. You’ll need to interpret the coding knowledge that you have for that particular situation. They are looking for process of thought, creative solutions and being able to work out more than one way to solve a problem and talk through your rationale for choosing a certain way to approach solving the problem. So, you could perhaps recommend an algorithm, code up a solution using that algorithm, analyze the runtime of your code and then optimize your solution. Software engineers at Jain Software Developers each handle all aspects of system architecture, design, coding and testing, developing original software products and applications with a global scale, without job hierarchy. Therefore, computer science fundamentals are pre?requisite for all engineering roles at Jain Software Developers , regardless of seniority; due to the complexities and massive scale of the projects you would end up participating in. The interviews do tend to be exceptionally technical, BUT, if you succeed on the technical level, the role provides a lot of freedom to work on Jain Software Developers ‘s codebase, so its a precautionary element rather than indicative of the role.

Ask more questions!

At Jain Software Developers, we believe in collaboration and sharing ideas. Most importantly, you’ll need more information from the interviewer to analyze & answer the question to its full extent.
Its great to question your interviewer!
When asked to provide a solution, first define and framework the problem as you see it.
If you don’t understand ? ask for help or clarification.
If you need to assume something ? verbally check its a correct assumption!
Describe how you want to tackle solving each part of the question.
Always let your interviewer know what you are thinking as he/she will be as interested in your process of thought as your solution. Also, if you’re stuck, they may provide hints if they know what you’re doing.
Finally, listen ? don’t miss a hint if your interviewer is trying to assist you!

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Apply through naukri :


Thanks & Regards
HR Dept. | Jain Software Developers
Delivering Perfection !


May 8, 2016
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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