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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – decoding your scenes

A new Artificial Intelligence system that can decode the human mind and interpret what a person is seeing by analyzing brain scans. The advance could aid efforts to improve artificial intelligence (AI) and lead to new insights into brain function. Critical to the research is a type of algorithm called a convolutional neural network, which has been instrumental in enabling computers and smartphones to recognize faces and objects. Convolutional neural networks, a form of “deep-learning” algorithm, have been used to…

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Eye Ring

EyeRing is a wearable interface that allows using a pointing gesture or touching to access digital information about objects and the world. The idea of a micro camera worn as a ring on the index finger started as an experimental assistive technology for visually impaired persons, however soon enough we realized the potential for assistive interaction throughout the usability spectrum to children and visually-able adults as well.With a button on the side, which can be pushed with the thumb, the…


Big Data

By Author – Shubhangi Agarwal   Big data is non-traditional strategy and technology used to organize, process, and gather insights from large datasets. While the problem of working with data that exceeds the computing power or storage of a single computer is not new, the pervasiveness, scale, and value of this type of computing have greatly expanded in recent years. In this article, we will talk about big data on a fundamental level and define common concepts you might come…

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5G Wireless Systems

5G technology is going to be a new mobile revolution in technological market. Through 5G technology now you can use worldwide cellular phones. With the coming out of cell phone alike to PDA now your whole office is in your finger tips or in your phone. 5G technology has extraordinary data capabilities and has ability to tie together unrestricted call volumes and infinite data broadcast within latest mobile operating system. 5G technology has a bright future because it can handle…


Smart-City initiative and a glimpse of Naya-Raipur

Smart-City initiative and a glimpse of Naya-Raipur   Smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services. The smart city concept integrates…

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Virtual Reality Box

Virtual Reality Box- A virtual reality headset is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer. VR headsets are widely used with computer games but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers. They comprise a stereoscopic head-mounted display (providing separate images for each eye), stereo sound, and head motion tracking sensors (which may include gyroscopes, accelerometers, structured light systems, etc.). Some VR headsets also have eye tracking sensors and gaming controllers. Because virtual reality…

Explore Augmented Reality Features To Perk Up Your Event


Augmented Reality was first achieved, to some extent, by a cinematographer called Morton Heilig in 1957. He invented the Sensorama which delivered visuals, sounds, vibration and smell to the viewer. Of course, it wasnt computer controlled but it was the first example of an attempt at adding additional data to an experience. Wikipedia describes?Augmented Reality ?as a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are Augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as…


Laravel – best PHP framework

Laravel is one of the highly used, open-source modern web application frameworks that designs customized web applications quickly and easily. Developers prefer Laravel over to other frameworks because of the performance, features, scalability it provides. It follows Model View Controller (MVC) which makes it more useful than PHP. It attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. It has a unique architecture,…


Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication(MFA) Multi-factor authentication is a method of computer access control in which user granted access only after successfully presenting several separate pieces of evidence for authentication mechanism- typically at least two of the following categories: knowledge(something they know), possession(something they have), and inherence(something they are). Two-factor authentication It is a combination of two different components. Two-factor authentication is a type of multi-factor authentication. A good example from everyday life is the withdrawing of money from an ATM; only the…

Watch Video Of VIVO Prototype Device With Finger Print Sensor Embedded In Screen

On-screen fingerprint sensor

First on-screen fingerprint sensor – The world’s first phone with a fingerprint scanner built into the display was as awesome as I hoped it would be. There’s no home button breaking up your screen space, and no fumbling for a reader on the phone’s back. I simply pressed my index finger on the phone screen in the place where the home button would be. The screen registered my digit, then spun up a spiderweb of blue light in a pattern…

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