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The internet of things concept

IoT : The Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Expects

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.     Basically with a internet connection you can control your car,home appliances eith built-in sensors from anywhere.Dutch Telecommunication company KPN have announced that by using LoRa(long range) network it has implemented IOT all over the country. Remotely monitor and manage your home and cut down on your…

Quantum Computer

Particle zoo in a quantum computer | The new approach

Introduction: Physicists in Innsbruck have realized the first quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories, building a bridge between high-energy theory and atomic physics. Research teams describe how they simulated the creation of elementary particle pairs out of the vacuum by using a quantum computer. History: Elementary particles are the fundamental buildings blocks of matter, and their properties are described by the Standard Model of particle physics. The discovery of the Higgs boson at the CERN in 2012 constitutes a further…

Website Upgradation

Website upgrade

Computer Technology and internet is changing rapidly, one technology becomes obsolete after a week ago. In this changing environment websites developed prior with existing technology needs to be upgraded in a timely fashion to meet current industry needs. WWW is getting more complex and distributed this requires a website to be adoptive in nature so that it can easily adopt new changes and features of arriving technologies. Existing websites are made with the current technologies made available at that time….

Legal Support on Digital Issues

Legal Support on Digital Issues

Our valuable services includes Legal advisory or providing support on cyber law related issues. Internet is not free from crime. In fact it is becoming hub for major threats in the world. Everyday hundreds of cases can be seen where IT is involved directly or indirectly. Jain Software helps you on 70+ digitalissues like domain hijacking, Patent claims, privacy and data breach lawsuits. We help you achieve your business goals by enabling you to focus on core functions, rather than…


Website Optimization

Is your website running slow or not loading from some location ? We’re here to help .Jain Software have specialized optimization team which can optimize your website into highest level .Jain Software will perform 59+ optimization tests including website speed,responsiveness,meta tags ,meta descriptions ,social presence ,backlinks,quality links,site references,etc. — Having a good website isn’t enough nowadays. Performance of a website is also important as well as design aspect. Computer technologies are changing rapidly in size and complexity. One need a complete…


Web Hosting with MNCHOST

MNC Host is a part of Jain Software Foundation and provide secure and fast web hosting in affordable pricing. All of our web hosting services are managed in MNCHOST server including Email Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting. At MNC HOST variety of plans available as per your requirements. We have a potential client base over the globe and still counting. Why choose MNC Host SSD and RAID-10 PROTECTED DRIVES Gives you incredibly fast and secure web hosting experience ever. 99 %…


Big Data | Retrieving senseful information from junk

Every company, organization or industry produce voluminous amount of data in the form of sales logs, clients records stock transaction records etc. these data is useless until it is analyzed, processed and organized in such a way that can be beneficial in some aspect to the companies. At Jain Software Developers we focus on companies valuable data and make it useful for the benefit of companies. We thoroughly analyze heap of data piece by piece and extract most valuable data…


Customer Relationship management (CRM)

You need to keep account of your clients or customers not only to increase your sales but also to improve your customer experience. Any company whether its a global multinational with a huge worldwide customer base or a small enterprise with a limit of client needs to manage and process their clients data. At Jain Software Developers we have an algorithmic approach that analyzes and finds client needs according to the data made available. We understand business organizations and their…


Social Media Presence & Maintenance

Proud to be stategovernments best Choice for managing their social accounts in efficient manner. After transferring social media accounts management to Jain Software ,social interaction from same accounts increased up to 700% .We works on real data ,not fake promises! We innovate ,we impact ,We’re Logical thinkers of Social media ! Some facts are as follow : A.Company A signed up with Jain Software to manage their ecommerce page of facebook ,in 200 days ,ecommerce sale from same facebook account…


Site Testing

Web testing is the name given to Testing part that focuses on testing the web application. In Web-based application ,Jain Software tests every single module before making site intoproduction environment. This could help to address the issues in web application security, web services issues, integrations issues, environment issues and its ability to handle traffic is checked. In this stage of Web Testing making effort to find out the possible bugs in the system. In software development, product objective are sometimes…

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