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32 bit versus 64 bit ! which is faster and secured?

32 bit v/s 64 bit,which is faster and secured? Microsoft launched its first 64 -bit operating system on  windows vista and windows 7  along with all latest security patches.But it is interesting to inform you that 64-bit processor exist early 1970’s in supercomputers.In 2003 ,they were introduced in personal computers. Many  Programmers now works on 64-bit operating systems because  now the future is 64-bit.but,since now,35% of applications(B,C grade) are not fully compatible with 64 bits.But whether adobe reader,Microsoft Office 2003,2007,2010 ,dreamweaver,browsers(chrome,firefox),Nokia PC-suite…


[box]A forum devoted to discuss technical stuffs . We welcome you to join this forum and ask anything related to technical world such as computer troubleshooting  ,programming ,latest news ,etc.[/box]


NIT Ranking 2013 – Updated !

[box] Ranking Updated with New NITS[/box] Based on faculty, infrastructure, placement, campus & results Ranking Name of College Year of Upgradation Place 1. National Institute of Technology, Warangal 2002 Warangal 2. National Institute of Technology,Trichy 2002 Trichy 3 National Institute of Technology,suratkal 2002 suratkal 4 National Institute of Technology,Calicat 2002 Calicat 5 MN-National Institute of Technology,allahabad 2002 allahabad 6 National Institute of Technology,Rourkela 2002 rourkela 7 National Institute of Technology,Durgapur 2002(as per report) Durgapur 8 National Institute of Technology,Jaipur 2002(as per report) Jaipur 9 10 M-National Institute…

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