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About Us

Who we are.

SchoolPro is the central india’s most preferred solution for a complete functioning of Schools and Educational Institutes. When it comes to handling the complete school, ERP Solutions are suggested, SchoolPro is the most advanced and cost efficient solution which is a full-proof ERP Solution for School. From Administration, Management to the Teaching Functionality, it covers all the sectors of an Educational Institute.


How is it Different.

SchoolPro ensures that all information needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process. Along with school management software we provide a cross-browser platform with device independent environment.

Security Of Data

We, at SchoolPro, uses a highly secured cloud server that keeps all your personal and sensitive information secure and safe. We provide security in such a way that information will be only visible to authorized person. SchoolPro is known for following the global standards for privacy of information.

Simple To Use

SchoolPro provides both web based school software and school app in multiple language so that users can simply access school management software anytime and anywhere. Manually written data which is prone to numerous errors has arisen the need to adopt the automated and cloud-based software for educational institutes.

Device Independant

You can manage all the database of school from anywhere at anytime. It is not device dependant as it works on cloud-based system. You can provide school location and all social connectivity information to users.


Old tradition method of pen paper are time-consuming, nowadays everything is possible through fingers in a few seconds. This school management software is easy to use, less time consuming and eco-friendly.

Get Instant Notifications

Schools can easily send a notification to every individual in a mere click from anywhere and anytime. This notification would be available on individual mobile as well as it is displayed on the school login page. This makes an easy and quick connection with the busy parents and even assure them with the security of their child.

Fee Management

Fee Management for school can be easily done from an android app. It will be feasible for an accountant to retrieve data any time from their device even if they are not at a workplace. This increases productivity in work and reduces delay in management. All information about fees is provided to parents through an instant messaging.


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Presenting you easy to use management tools which will skyrocket your business to even higher levels. Choose a non-hefty business operation and management. Manage your business seamlessly with Jain Software CRM softwares. No matter if you’re a school owner or a college owner. We have the utmost solutions for all your management related issues!

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