What Is Website Navigation And Why Is It important?

The act of navigating web pages, applications, and websites takes place online. It uses a system known as hypertext or hypermedia. It is a combination of user interface elements that aid site users in locating content and functionality. Copy, link text and buttons, and menus are examples of these elements.

You can provide an instant boost to the audience or amount of visits to your website by using the navigational system. 

Because people won’t be able to simply move around a creative website to discover the information they need if website navigation is not good and functional, having one serves no purpose. 

We at Jain Software- the best website design company Raipur know that navigation tends to improve user experience, retain customers, and attract new ones. It’s essential to make things straightforward and effective. These reasons will help you understand the significance of website navigation.

Tips To Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Include Graphical Elements

Graphical elements on many websites adapt as the pointer lingers over them. Icons that change into animations when clicked and drop-down menus that appear when the pointer stays over them are a couple of typical examples. We at best website design in Raipur understands that graphical elements can add intriguing visual flair to a website if they are placed carefully, but they can also be intrusive and make navigating difficult.

Ensure Links Are Visible

You should regularly check whether all the links on your website are regularly visible as well as clickable or not. Sometimes the presence of links on your website encourages the user to stay on the website for some more time. 

Try to add suitable links for every topic present on the website. The links should also be clickable. It’s your duty to inspect whether the links present in the websites are functioning properly or not. Any malfunction in the opening links can upset the user.

Plan Menu Order Strategically

When a user visits a particular website, the first thing he tries to discover is the menu section. So a proper alignment and placement of the Menu is key to a successful website. 

Focus on the placement of the Menu tab. Almost other website has their menu either on top of their page or on the left side of the page. Avoid the use of drop-down menus as the viewer wants to reach the destination with fewer clicks and more clicks confuse the user and hence discourage the user to continue further.

Keep Sidebars Separate

Sidebars should be kept separate from the other content available on the website. The sidebar on its own is a completely different thing. It should be mixed with the other elements. A slide bar has a  separate background from that of the rest of the page for differentiation.

The sidebar helps us to know about the contents present and on which we should invest our concentration.

Add A Search Bar

A search Bar is a necessity if any website is content-heavy. The alignment of the search bar is very essential for any website. We at a website design company in Raipur place the search bar in such a way that while entering the website it catches the attention of the visitors. 

It’s also familiar with types of visitors or users, even one without zero knowledge about the content of the website can directly jump to the desired result. Make sure that the search bar shows results relevant to the search or even close to that when the particular topic is not available on the website. If it shows no results it highly discourages the users and they tend to leave the website.

Don’t Forget The Footer

Footer is a which links different pages together like legal and privacy and or essential pages of e-commerce websites that consist of excessive content. It also helps to find many links regarding shipping information and career opportunities as well as FAQs on the bottom side of the page. 

This feature of the rooter helps to retain users for more periods of time on any particular website. It also increases the accountability of any website to its users.

Place Calls To Action Botton

The use of a call to action enhances click-through rate and engagement. The users want to communicate with you and also find ways to contact you in the header column. The button can be named Get Started or Contact us. It helps the user to communicate with you by filling out feedback forms and many more such things. 

The button should be made in such a way that it should be catchy and for that, it can have a more diverse color than the rest of the content.

Add Icons And Bottoms  For Links

Links with the aesthetic appeal can use buttons and icons. Use icons that everyone can understand when implementing them, such as a phone icon in place of “contact information,” to make them more clear. 

Alternatively, consider using icons, such as bullet points, to the left of the text they stand in for. In addition to giving consumers the essential information they need to navigate with ease, this can make the menu more appealing to look at.

Avoid Hidden Menus

The use of hidden menus can probably lower your position in search as it also affects Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It only challenges the SEO but can also trouble users. Hidden menus can be confusing and misleading for example the drop-down menus.

It can result in visitors clicking on incorrect links accidentally because when the drop-down menus appear it covers the whole page causing the visitors to accidentally click on the wrong link.  The majority of the users still prefer standard menus in comparison to hidden menus because according to them the standard menus are more user-friendly and navigable than the hidden ones.


The importance of website navigation is overshadowed by the web development process, design, etc for a successful website. Although navigation is essential to the creation of every effective website. Optimization of the navigation structure of smaller sites by using SEO techniques is easy. But the websites with poor navigation structures need to appoint SEO services or personnel to improve them.

Contact a reliable website design company Raipur– Jain Software as we ensure you get the best in class websites.

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