Web Designing vs Graphic Designing: Which One Is Better

Curious to know the differences between web design vs graphic design? There are a lot of choices when it comes to designing a website. Which one should you choose? As both web design and graphic design involve the creation of visuals that can be used to promote a business or product. 


However, there are key differences between the two fields that should be considered before making a decision. Jain Software- the best website design and development company in Raipur has come up with a detailed blog on this. 

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is about creating stunning graphics that communicate information effectively and look great on paper. Graphic designers are skilled in creating static images which are not animated. 


You can say that graphic design is all about creating attractive visuals that can be used to promote a product or business. 

What is Web Design?

It combines computer programming and art and involves creating the look and feel of a website. In addition to creating new websites, web designers also revamp existing ones and help them perform better in search engine results. In some ways, web designers are similar to graphic designers, but they also have different requirements and skills.

Graphic design vs. web design

Graphic design is static and can’t change, whereas web design is dynamic and is more interactive. Graphic designers cannot change their book covers or add new content, while web designers can. Let’s get to know the difference between web and graphic design.

Visual elements

Although web design is rooted in visual design, the field focuses on interactive experiences. A web designer may work closely with a graphic designer to develop visual elements, but it is primarily the web designer’s responsibility to fit those elements together to create an interactive design. 


Web designers are often charged with designing various paths a user can take to accomplish their goals, and they must ensure that the path is as simple as possible to reach the intended destination. These visual elements basically comprise three components – Fonts, Graphics, and Colors. 

  • Fonts

Web designers also have to pay attention to fonts when designing any website. They must choose fonts that are compatible with different platforms. Web designers use CSS and must make sure that the fonts are compatible with different browsers and devices. 


For this, they have only limited font options. But on the other hand in graphic designing users can use any fonts they want as there are so many font options or they can also insert their own font options. 

  • Colors

Graphic designing should use the right color sets, such as RGB for digital projects and CMYK for print projects. They must also follow brand guidelines, which are standards for how an organization should present itself. But in the case of web designs always use light colors because heavy colors will affect the website’s user experience.

Presentation methods


Web Designs Graphic Designs
  • Built with more visual elements
  • Dynamic designs
  • More customized & engaging
Static designs
  • Less integrity
  • Showing information only on the first screen
Strongly integrated
Depends On
  • Third-party support
  • Network signals
  • Back-end development
  • Server applications
  • Designing tools
  • Printing

Information carrier

Web Designs Graphic Designs
Material Media Can be represented only on-screen Can be represented on cloths, papers or in print media.
  • It totally relies on HTML
  • Useful for showing any kind of information whether it is small or large
The size of graphic designs depends on the information size.
New Updates and Feedback
  • Easily update
  • Web designs are effective enough to collect user information
  • No timely update
  • Not fully effective to user feedback


Browse mode

Graphic designing can not be represented in series on the other hand if we talk about web designs they can easily scroll up & down with the assistance of buttons and many other feature options. Web designs are more compatible for representing any information as users can easily scroll any information on web pages compared to graphic designs.

Information spreading

The advantage of using graphic designing is that they can be used to represent information statistically in picture or print format. Web page designs can be used to provide diversified information which can be changed easily. 


Graphic designs are the best mediums through which you can convey any information easily. But if you want to reach a large audience you definitely need to employ web designs as with the help of a website you can reach globally. If you are still confused you can contact the website design company Raipur for your design works.

Communication skills

In terms of skills, web designers use a variety of software to create designs that communicate well with the users. They must know HTML, CSS, and other computer programming languages, and they need to know how to convert their designs into working modules.


Both web designs and graphic designs are effective enough to communicate as visual communication. Web designers are concerned with how their designs look on various screens, as well as how easy communicate with visitors. They also need to understand a variety of computer-related issues, such as file size, screen resolution, and speed. 


Following trends,

Web designers also need to be familiar with trends in design. For example, a website’s navigation needs to be mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly. They may need to add new products to an eCommerce website, and the navigation structure may need to be rewritten to improve the conversion rate. 


Web designers also need to understand the growth potential of a website and allocate space for future updates. This is the biggest difference between graphic design and web design which you need to understand.


Web designers work with graphic designers to create these images, which are used in print ads and social media graphics. Since these designs are not dynamic, the design needs to get the point across without a lot of motion. 


This means that web designers must work closely with graphic designers to create an overall look that is unique and memorable to users. Overall we can say that both web design vs graphic design is the most effective ways to create designs that captivate users’ attention. Contact Jain Software.

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