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Mobile applications have become one of the most integral components for businesses, start-ups, and enterprises in these tech-driven times. Android smartphones have slipped from the hands of the upper-class and landed inside the pockets of almost every commoner out there, opening a portal for the companies to cater directly to them through their android application. As an app development company from India, we at Jain Software Developers understand that these applications are so fundamental and versatile, it is obvious that there’s some curiosity around what goes into building one. Therefore, we take you through our approach and procedure in android app development, presenting forth the craft and work that is incorporated in every app of ours.


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An application takes birth from an idea, then it has to be strategically transformed into a blueprint for the application employing research and analysis of its various aspects. Our strategy includes identifying the loopholes in the concept and eliminating them, understanding the target users and how to cater to their demands better than the alternatives already available, if any. With a great team like Jain Software, a strong foundation can be laid down for app development and an app’s services to continue and expand in the future.


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After the blueprint has been finalized, the concept is then brought to life through wireframing its components. Wireframes depict the functionality and interactiveness; a rough portrayal of the user experience. A good wireframe will lead to an effective app design and enjoyable user experience as the complete structure of the application has been pre-planned and a rough estimate of the application’s character and behaviour has been predicted.

App Design


With the wireframe as the base, the application is designed to project the concept to the user. Components are given the shape of interfaces, and high-grade mockups are created for the best portrayal. A great design is simplistic and effective at the same time, delivering the best of both sides without trading off on either of them. 

The ability to create an amazing design comes with experience and innovation, both of which are abundant in the workforce of Jain Software. Also, designing a product needs good communication between the ideators and designers, a courtesy close to the company for satisfactory deliveries. 


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After the preparatory steps are done, it is then time to code the concept into existence. The development comprises Front-end and Back-end, the former is visible to the users and interacts with them, while the latter works on the server-side. While developing an application, the technologies used, affect performance and usability greatly. These two factors can either retain users for your product or make them run away from it. Also, with best practices in back-end development, an app can be made highly scalable, for when the user base expands.

With the ability to work with pretty much any programming language and technology there is, Jain Software promises robust and efficient android as well as iOS applications that work like they should with reliable performance and dependability


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When the application has been developed into a fully functioning form, a thorough amount of testing is needed to analyze the different functionalities and find out bugs and glitches, if any. Performance testing allows the developers to evaluate whether the application is running properly and is fast enough. Security testing provides a better insight into the handling of the data inside the application, something that is of prime importance to enterprise owners. Device testing determines whether the application works on all devices with the highest efficiency possible and provides a good user experience across all platforms. 

Jain Software ace this phase with a strict testing routine that allows for maximum optimization and minimum performance vulnerabilities, driving out chances of improper behaviour in the application.

Deployment and Support

Once testing is completed, the android application has to be deployed to a hosting platform, like Google PlayStore, which is a fairly simple process. But, after the users start using it, with time there will be features to add and exceptions to resolve, that’s where support kicks in. Our developers make sure that the application is up to date and issues are fixed as soon as possible if any. 

So, why Jain for App Development?

With over 1800+ projects, Jain Software has mastered the craft of strategizing, designing, and developing high-quality working applications that cater to all kinds of needs, be it a grocery app, travel app, an uber clone or anything else. Flexibility is the crown of our workflow as we have a workforce of professionals with extensive knowledge in 80+ languages and technologies used to develop software. This allows for a vast choice of tech stacks to build on; whether highly performance-oriented or crafty and eye-pleasing applications, everything is covered. Being a trustworthy brand, post-deployment upgrades and support are also synonymous with Jain Software.

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