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E-filing of Copyright in India:

A copyright is essentially a right not to copy someone’s work. A copyright gives the owner of the subject an exclusive right over his work. If a work is protected by copyright, no one can imitate, copy or reproduce the original work in any other way.   The register of the Registrar of Copyrights is divided into 6 categories: PART – 1: Literary works other than computer Programs PART – 2: Musical Works PART – 3: Artistic Works PART –…

Trademark e-filing in India:

India was placed second from Bottom out of 38 countries, in the US Chamber of Commerce’s International Intellectual Property Index. While Prime Minister Modi is keen on strengthening India’s intellectual property environment, the report stated that Indian law does not provide adequate enforcement mechanisms to effectively combat online piracy. A trademark is anything that customers identify the brand by, whether a word, logo, sound, graphic or even a color combination. While registration is not necessary, it gives one the indispensable benefits. Trademark can…

Website optimization

Website optimization or search engin optimization is a technology that describes the procedures used to optimize a website which helps the website to grow and perform in a desired way and to gain the popularity that every website needs. Website optimization includes processes such as adding relevant keyword and phrases on the website, editing meta tags, image tags, and optimizing other components of your website to ensure that it is accessible to a search engine and improve the overall chances that the website…

Legal support on digital issues

Under the direct supervision of the general counsel, perform responsible work involving investigation of information supplied by utility companies or organization be the custodian of record for the agency, perform legal search, monitoring all bills regarding the regulated utilities and the commission prepare the general council for all meetings, conferences and hearings gathering informative data as directed in compliance with PSC order and applicable law. Our valuable services includes Legal advisory or providing support on cyber law related issues. Internet…

Website upgrade

Computer Technology and internet is changing rapidly, one technology becomes obsolete after a week ago. In this changing environment websites developed prior with existing technology needs to be upgraded in a timely fashion to meet current industry needs. WWW is getting more complex and distributed this requires a website to be adoptive in nature so that it can easily adopt new changes and features of arriving technologies. Existing websites are made with the current technologies made available at that time….

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