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Bugs Patching

A patching is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it. A patch is a quick repair work for a piece of program. The patch is not necessarily the best solution for the problem and the product software developers often fine a better solution to provide when they package the product for its next release.        

Site Penetration Testing and Bugs Patching

Site Penetration is also called Pen Testing Pen testing is the practice of testing a computer network system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration-Testing is also known as security assentation. Penetration testing is not unique to IT security and is used to wide range of other industries that include but not a limited range of Penetration Testing. Soil Penetration testing, armor Penetration testing, Chemical Penetration testing etc. when applied IT security Penetration testing…

Enterprise Billing System

Enterprise billing System is an over-arching term for any software used in large organization (Business or Government). It is consider to be an essential part of a computer based information system. And its Provide oriented tools such as online payment processing and automatic billing system. Enterprise level software aim the Improve the enterprise productivity and efficiency by provided business logic support functionality. Enterprise application are about the display, manipulation and storage of large amount often complex data and the support…

Billing Software

Measure, Manage, Grow & Profit .Comprehensive Retail billing software that fits any size or type .Enable your sales team to drive your retail sales more effectively with advanced technology. Our GenBillis accessible anytime and anywhere, supported on smart phones & tablets, can be integrated with our Distributor system. Imp features are : Billing Software the modern digital software is provided for services and products. This software to design minimum time and billing tracking as well as invoicing handle customers for…

Customized Software Development -CSD

Jain Software team have developed more than 1200+ customized software on various technologies like BIG DATA ,Informatica ,Java,Spring,Hibernate,JBoss,Linux Scripting,Python,Php,C#,etc .We’re leader in whole chhattisgarh in Customized Software Development as per business requirements . We’re the Central India’s Fastest growing software company situated at heart of Raipur . Imp points aboutCustomized Software Development : This Software designed for Specific user, Organization or companies. This software is not usually a product. Actually this product a specific buyer provided under contract. Custom Software…

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