A Revolution In The Billing Of Hospital


A revolution in the billing of hospital

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Jain software has created a revolution in the billing segment of medical science. We are offering Medical management software for the professionals in the field of medical science. We have developed an application for doctors, dentist, and medical shopkeeper, surgeons to minimize their efforts and increase their efficiency. We provide a powerful software feature rich product with the power of anytime anywhere any device. It works perfectly on your Smartphone.

Let’s discuss its features:

  • Schedule appointments.

Those days of the long queue of patients are gone.HosBill smartly schedules an appointment of patients based on the number of patients you can treat per hour. HosBill also has the ability to re-schedule appointment to any date on emergency condition. It also allows the patient to schedule emergency or normal appointment through a portal as per the requirement. You can also avail patient to pay some token money online for appointment confirmation.

  • Maintain Accurate Patient Information.

If you are unable to recall or find the papers, prescriptions or reports, stop worrying about that. HosBill maintains every single detail of patient when yo

u creating prescription with the proper date.

  • Track Case

Let’s say a patient walks into your hospital after 10 years and asked for something that you have done long back 10 years before. Is it possible to have 10 years old prescription papers? Hos-Bill have! Hos-Bill maintains patient history for 120 years so except for those patients whose age is above 120+ years, HosBill will do your work and maintain the single record of every instance


  • Diagnosis Lab Details

LFT result came positive or negative last month? How much is sugar level last week? Whether x-ray of teeth came normal or not? HosBill will help you to maintain all those records without any extra charges. HosBill is new generation’s fully automated hospital robot. It keeps the record of everything at one place.

  • Multi-location access

Hos-Bill is pocket-friendly. You can access parallel Hos-Bill from multiple locations, from multiple users, and from multiple roles. Isn’t it amazing?


  • Medicine Suggestions

You gave medicine to someone but based on what symptoms, Raipur on 14th may but based on what symptoms. Is it hard to remember? HosBill suggests medicine based on symptoms and adds the same to billing & prescription when you place orders. Not only this, HosBill allows you to define custom medicine for particular symptom on your expertise.


  • Previous Patient Records

HosBill, the innovation in Medical Billing software allows you to track the due amount of patient without even visiting billing portal and checking out detail. It notifies you accordingly.

  • Overall Patient Billing and Invoicing

Invoice bills on your hospital name and logo without showing software trademarks.HosBill is 100% personalized software which works on online or offline mode as per your convenience. If you have an international client or if you want to bill in any other currency like dollar or rupee, this software is having the leading edge than any normal billing management software.

  • Full Responsive

Do you want to check out every bit of information of a patient and their billing on your Smartphone? You’re at right page! This software is fully responsive to every mobile device. Thanks to our Logical thinkers!

  • 100 Percent Uptime Guarantee

So, trust us we not going to host this software on any third party garbage servers which will play the slow-fast game. MNCHOST, part of Jain Software Foundation which hosting world’s renowned Multinational corporations will host your Software at minimal cost. We value your money and your time.

What else you expect from us? Kindly let us know. Your feedback is valuable.


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