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Anajshop.com is online grain shopping platform where  you can purchase any premium quality grains like rice, wheat, etc. at a cheaper price without interacting with third parties.

Anajshop.com is an online grain shopping website providing a free platform to farmers to directly interact with customers to sell their grains such as rice-wheat etc. Portal designed to keep in mind of simplicity and convenience for farmers.

Why AnajShop ?

Platform for farmers

Jain Software Foundation provides the platform for farmers to directly interact with customers to sell their grains. Here both the parties are free from the middleman. We have reduced the gap between the farmers and the customers. Farmers will get paid in full and the customer will get a genuine product .

No third party

Without interacting, Any third-party farmers can sell their grains with cheaper price. We understand the farmer’s demands for immediate relief from debt burdens and for properly remunerative prices. We offer them the best affordable platform. We aim to protect their interest and focus on their development.:)

Best price

Likewise also customers can purchase a grains with best price.

Best pricing

So ,what we can assure you that Anajshop will have better pricing than local sellers .So don’t wait for the launch of any shop, starts supporting and shopping !. We are here to provide you the best services.

Online listing

Online listing of farmers and their product without any cost. Yes, we are not going to charge anything for the products. Value is the key to our success.

Market value for farmers

Farmers will have surety of getting paid 100% market value for their grains and by products .


Anajshop.com portal is developed to keeping in mind of simplicity and convenience for uneducated farmers, so that even small farmers able to sale the grains in one click phone call.

No commercialization

Anajshop is not developed for any commercial gains and truly designed, developed and dedicated for most respectful section of society of world farmers.

Order through phone call,online & email

Not have laptop ? Do not worry ,you can order from single call or email if you’re registered user of Anajshop.

Pay on delivery available

Do not have card ? Just order and pay on delivery .

Why only Anajshop.com?
  1. Ecommerce Online Shop to connect local shopkeepers with local peoples.
  2. ? Eliminate third party inclusion
  3. Working for true online shopping experience for end users.
  4. Provides cheaper price & quality grains than local sellers .
  5. PCI Compliance Ecommerce Engine
  6. 100% genuine grain guaranteed.
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Be in touch anytime, anywhere from your phone (+917714700300),?PC or in person?and see how these Anajshop changing grains shopping experience.Online Shopping that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

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