Being Remarkable


downloadWho doesn’t want to be remarkable? Every one desires attention and recognition. So how do we get it? First of all, we need to understand that being noticed and being remarkable are two different things. People often confuse between these two. If you run naked in streets you will definitely get noticed but you won’t be recognized. What I am saying that it is easy to pull off a stunt in public but it is not necessary that it will accomplish your goal. It is not useful. It is a lame strategy.

Being remarkable doesn’t mean you are remarkable to yourself. No not at all, it means being remarkable to the rest of the world. No one will remark you if you are average, the average is another term for losers. And there is no way a loser can get recognition. Try to understand the urgency of any situation and plan according to the situation. Urgency is the name of opportunity for you. If you do deliver what you promised or what you have been asked Congratulation! You are recognized. Understanding the concept of the deadline is very important. We all have goals: We want to matter. We want to be important. We want to have freedom and power to pursue our creative work. We want respect from our peers and recognition for our accomplishments. Not out of vanity or selfishness, but of an earnest desire to fulfill our personal potential.

Extremism is important. Extremism in the pursuit of recognition is not a sin. In fact, it’s the requirement. That is a necessity.  Stars or celebrities are not recognized because they are good-looking but it’s because of their work. People will appreciate your work. Try to be known for your work. You will be known forever. It’s the glory that is remembered, not your face but your name that counts. Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. It doesn’t matter on which edge you are more than matters that you are at or beyond the edge. There is a big difference between a ‘high performer’ and a ‘high potential’. High performers are steady and are kept in their respective areas. High potentials are given new challenges and are seen as the future. Which are you? Define yourself. Self-analysis is the key to know your niche.

remarkable marketing 1Be limitless. If you are limited to something then you are suppressing your caliber, your ability, your skill. Push your limits. Always remember that sky is my limit. Who has trouble finding a new gig? Not the remarkable minority, that’s for sure. You set your own standards of achievement. You know that you’ve done a good job (or not) and don’t need the verification or otherwise of those around you to tell you so. Yes, you will still enjoy receiving praise and recognition but it’s not going to dampen your motivation if you don’t get it. And a trait of your internal referencing is that you may set yourself exacting standards and put pressure on yourself to achieve perfection in your eyes. The trick is not to mess it up. Ultimately, I think it’s just going to get you that exposure, get you in that door, and get you that recognition that will hopefully get you opportunities. This is a very high form of recognition, but one slip and you’re off the radar once again.

What Is Wallpapers Gallery 45 Plus PIC WPW405623We all work really hard, and we do it because we’re passionate. We don’t do it because we’re being rated. However, we’d all be remiss if we didn’t think that some kind of recognition for efforts and accomplishments didn’t make you feel good. If your niche is in a manual, and if it is the accepted wisdom, then it’s boring. It can be found in any book and it is not innovative. Try to be the trend. You may be remarkable today but if you do not re-invent or re-invest, you won’t last long. So don’t settle down on your laurels, you must work hard and keep going.  The only way to grow is to abandon your strategy of doing what you did yesterday, but better. Commit. Be the change you wish to see.


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