Big Data | Retrieving senseful information from junk

5+ years of experience over bigdata ,informatica and data analysis tools

Big Data | Retrieving senseful information from junk

Every company, organization or industry produce voluminous amount of data in the form of sales logs, clients records stock transaction records etc. these data is useless until it is analyzed, processed and organized in such a way that can be beneficial in some aspect to the companies.

At Jain Software Developers we focus on companies valuable data and make it useful for the benefit of companies. We thoroughly analyze heap of data piece by piece and extract most valuable data that can be used. With the help of visualizations concepts we present these collected information to the companies and suggest how beneficial it can be for them. WE follow the standard process of software techniques which includes Information gathering, service implementation, testing and automation, security and support.


  • Data Management Software

Embed information and analytical results directly into operations at the point of decision.

  • Big Data Solutions for Hadoop

Get complete data-to-decision support for Hadoop and big data.

  • High-Performance Analytics

Get significant value from big data with in-memory analytics solutions that put high-impact insights at your fingertips.

  • Visual Analytics

Visually explore all data, discover new patterns and publish reports to the web and mobile devices.

Our big data services includes

  • Data Modeling, Algorithm development,
  • Develop map reduce code, custom code
  • Data Integration Services, Search & Document Indexing
  • Data Quality and Metadata management
  • Reports / Visualizations, Analytics (Machine Learning, Statistical Programming, Text Mining)



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