ClientExec V5 to WHMCS 6 Import Engine

This script is providing free of cost from Jain Software Developers

This is first secured and totally isolated import engine to import from clientexec v5 to whmcs 6 .This engine can import customers as well as invoices of them from clientexec v5 to whmcs 6 .

User who going to use this engine only have to export customer and invoice tables from clientexec v5 in csv format and import it through this engine.

Important features :

Totally isolated from WHMCS

You don’t need to install it as plugin in WHMCS .Scripts of this engine can be executed from different folder or even from different server .

Free .No charge

Jain Software not charging single penny for this script and inviting all nerds to test this import script .

Fully personalized

You can personalize logo as well as every single info on script as per your company brand .

Insert on new ,Update on existing

Stop worrying about data loss while running import again.This engine smartly detects old entries and update them if any data mismatch or insert new detail if it completely new data .

Full responsive

You can access whole software from mobile ,tablet ,macbook air or any size laptop without having different application for different devices .Thanks to Raipur Software Team.

Developed with love ,for Business

Clientexec V5 to WHMCS 6.0 import engine is really easy for your business ,we customized it fully as per your requirements without giving you headache of extra charges .Many hosting businesses running this script now.

Import customers and invoices

You can import customers as well as their invoices in 2 steps .You just need to configure config.php file as per your WHMCS database credential .

Pass Secured

No one can login to this engine without having correct password .

How to install
  1. Copy all files of folder “ClientExec V5 to WHMCS 6 Import API” to folder called”import” under public_html or root .
  2. Import tbl_users.sql table in whmcs database .
  3. Configure config.php file .
  4. Run
  5. Export customers.csv & invoice.csv file from clientexec v5 database (import as csv)
  6. Import customers.csv and than invoice.csv file .
  7. Default password to login to import script : pass : 123456
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