Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

Web design is a huge topic with a lot of debate. Many people will say that custom web designs are the best way to go, while others will say that website templates are the best way to go. 

It all depends on what matters most, how your website looks and feels. Here, Jain Software have come up with a blog on custom web design vs website templates. This will clear all your doubts and help you to choose according to your convenience.


Planning a budget is a crucial step when starting any website, whether it is a custom web design or template. If you are a novice you need to find a solution that is cost-effective for your website like choosing any pre-design template and installing it on your website. Templates are popular, and many people opt to use them for their websites. There are several providers, such as Bluehost, that sell website templates for an affordable price.

Custom web design is often more expensive than pre-made templates, but it is worth it if you want to create a unique look for your business. Custom web designs are also easier to update and maintain because the code is created specifically for your website. They also are more flexible. You can also change your website at any time to meet your changing needs.

Custom web development is a collaborative process. Working with a professional will help you understand the design better and avoid costly mistakes.

Website templates let you quickly and easily build a website. With a website template, you can arrange your content, drag and drop elements, and even insert your own text and images. So always choose wisely among custom designs or templates from Web Designer Raipur. 


A person with a basic knowledge of how to use a template can create a website in a matter of an hour or less. These templates also help the user avoid the tedious aspects of web design.

But if we talk about customized web designing as they are time-consuming as you have to wait for hours to days to build your dream website.  Both custom website or template took some time to create.


There are some benefits of using custom web designs as they allow you to customize your site for the future. In comparison, template-based websites tend to look dated and don’t reflect well on your business. So if you are confused about custom web design vs website templates just try to find your online business needs.

User Experience

What people see when they visit your website is a reflection of how well your site is designed and how likely they are to interact with it. To ensure that your website’s user experience is top-notch, you should use custom web design or website templates if you can.

As per the web designing company, Raipur templates are convenient, but they have limitations that can limit their usefulness or sometimes create a bad user experience. To provide your user with the best user experience, you must think about using custom web design.

Custom web design gives your website an identity of its own. It does not have any predefined templates, so you can customize your website in any way you want. With a custom design, you can incorporate any element of your business or brand that you want. This allows your website to stand out from competitors and give visitors an exceptional experience.                           

Flexibility & Scalability

If your business is small or medium, you can go with a pre-design website template, but if you want something which you can customize in order to enhance your website’s flexibility, you must have to go with a custom web design.  Custom sites also have the advantage of being search engine-friendly and scalable. Websites built with custom design are scalable, navigable, and search engine-friendly. Custom design is necessary for businesses with unique business models and needs.

On the other hand, templates are not flexible enough to accommodate every aspect of your business need. They may not reflect your unique personality and require customization. In addition to customization, website templates can be expensive. But if you just jump into the business sector, you can choose a website template to build your website as it is a good option for novices. You can also contact the web designing company Raipur as they help you to create your website that suits your need. 


These days branding is a vital part of any business strategy so if you want something which assists you in building your personal brand, you can go with custom web designs. The best thing about custom web designs is that you can add any feature which boosts your branding.

Website templates have pre-installed features which don’t have any surety that it matches your branding. So you have to choose any website template according to your need. Overall it’s better to go with custom web designs as they can help you to transform your website and make it more personalized according to your branding strategy.


The functionality of any website relies on its responsive design as well as its optimization. Customization helps your website’s internal and external functions function efficiently. In addition, custom web design will allow you to add and remove elements of your website as your business changes over time. On the other hand, if you use a website template for your website as it will come up with limited features, which leads to limited functions.

Lets us clarify here in this blog Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates. If you have a small, newly built website, you can use a pre-designed website template, but if you are planning to open your e-commerce store, you should think about custom web design. Custom web design is the best way to maximize ROI on your marketing efforts. Regularly bought templates simply can’t compare. Websites built with custom design have exceptional functionality and will be completely unique to your business.                                            

The Bottom Line

It is clear that custom web design vs website templates are two very different types of design. Custom web design typically focuses on creating the individualized look and feel of the website for each user, while website templates are designed to be automatically generated, meaning they’re usually more standardized and predictable. 

However, both types of design can be extremely useful in certain circumstances, so it’s ultimately up to the individual to decide which format is right for them. Contact Jain Software– the leading web designer Raipur if you need any assistance in web design and development. 


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