Cyber Security.


The cyber security is basically the protection of computer systems from any damage from an external source. Cyber security is also defined as the protection measure against theft on internet, hacking and unauthorized access to any data and providing security of important data present in the servers of any organizations.



Importance of Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security mainly focuses on protecting data from unauthorized access.
  • Prevent companies from hacking, phishing, DOS attacks etc.
  • Ensure Safety of online transactions and personal information (privacy) exchange over internet.
  • Every day, 200 thousand new malware samples are captured and hence security is needed most.
  • Over 70% of the companies are affected by ransomware paid hackers, so big Incorporations spend huge sum on cyber security.
  • Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and eBay have been the victim of security breaches.
  • Government have laid down compliance requirements to protect people and their and asset

Prevention from Cyber Attacks

There are certain simple cyber security measure that should be taken care of to prevent from cyber-attacks in initial level:

  • Dont send personal data over emails.
  • Your password is unique and strong and never use same password for multiple services.
  • Avoid logging in to important accounts on public accounts and also avoid any kind of payment though it.
  • Apply software updates when necessary.
  • Make sure website is secure before entering your personal information.
  • Be safe from phishing and always enter data or password to https verified sites.

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