Jain Software developers developed highly customizable and productive billing software called GenBill – GENERAL BILLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Highly efficient for modern business, 9x faster than tally and as per your business needs. This highly efficient software is very easy to use and has a hassle-free user interface. One with a little computer knowledge can operate the software without any instructor.

A management system is the framework of policies, processes, and procedures used by an organization to ensure that it can fulfill all the tasks required to achieve its objectives.

The management system should be able to improve its own performance by means of continuous improvement.


The Management System elements may include:


  • Leadership Involvement & Responsibility
  • Identification & Compliance with law-making & Industry Standardard
  • Employee Selection, Placement & Competency Assurance
  • Workforce Involvement
  • Communication with Stakeholders
  • Identification & Assessment of potential failures & other hazards
  • Documentation, Records & Knowledge Management
  • Documented Procedures
  • Project Monitoring, Status, and Handover
  • Management of Interfaces
  • Standards & Practices
  • Management of Change & Project Management
  • Operational Readiness & Start-up
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Inspection & Maintenance of facilities
  • Management of Critical systems
  • Work Control, Permit to Work & Task Risk Management


Benefits of GenBill:


  1. Increased equipment uptime: Well-maintained equipment keeps running. Poorly-maintained equipment can break down.
  2. Reduced and reliable maintenance costs: Preventive maintenance is cheaper to do than trying to fix something after it’s broken. Moreover, preventive maintenance costs are predictable, they stay on budget.
  3. Better budgeting for capital expenses: MainBoss lets you know where maintenance money is going. That can help you make decisions about capital costs.
  • Increase revenue, decrease TCO
  • Enhance customer experience
  • send invoices and quotations in a timely manner
  • set discounts in invoices and quotations
  • Track and follow up on quotations and invoices
  • Improve cash management
  • Easy to use and fully customizable and scalable
  • all web ERP4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world.


Features of GenBill:


  • Network UPS support
  • Easy setup and configuration setting
  • DOM ( Disk on Module) architecture and fail-safe
  • Secure access control
  • Advanced folder permissions
  • Superior performance and energy saving design
  • Shared folder management
  • Wake on LAN
  • HDD Stands by mode
  • Scheduled power on/off
  • Detailed system information display


Why GenBill?


Jain software led in customized software development as per business requirements. is team logical thickness which consists of developers and managers.

Jain software developers are extremely experienced in building a wide array of e-commerce GST BILL INC/ customize software for brands around the nation&the world.

We developed highly customizable and productive billing software called Gen Bill. Highly efficient for modern business, 9x faster than tally and as per your business needs. This highly efficient software is easy to use and hassle-free user interface. One with a little computer knowledge can operate the software without any instructor.


Few facts about GenBill:


  • Automate scheduling of invoice due after due dates.
  • Leads to a more organized business.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity of the business.
  • Shows price history instantly when placing an order of product.
  • Free Up yourself from accounting and paper calculation.
  • Instant notifications to customers on invoice creation and invoice paying.


Why choose Facts?


  • Be the Best. Thinking differently is part of our culture. We allow parents to pay any way they like, access information on any mobile device, and connect with us any time, day or night.
  • Empowered. Our associates own every customer interaction. They are driven to serve, strive for excellence, and are passionate about helping your school succeed.

General billing provisions to capture additional information in invoice helps better tracking in cases of home delivery.

Easy to use Product search interface helps in quick & efficient product search based on different parameters like product code, name, product alias & barcode Supports EAN, UPC, GTIN, QR and custom designed barcode scan Hold bill is great feature to hold a particular bill & resume it after some time Facility to maintain scanned copies of important documents in the software for parcel entry tracking Supports Exchange feature which allows setting of multiple exchange prices for the same product Supports Exchange scheme in billing.


  • Insurance: You are welcome to pay your hospital bills with our secure Online Bill Pay system.
  • Other Bills: Please remember that you or your insurance company will receive a separate bill for professional services rendered by the following physicians:
  1. Attending Physician
  2. Radiologist interpreting your X-Rays
  3. Anesthesiologist
  4. Consulting Physicians
  5. Physicians acting as surgical assistants
  6. Physician interpreting your electrocardiogram
  • Insurance Verification: It is important that you be familiar with your insurance plan to avoid any unexpected financial charges resulting from your hospital treatment.

The company that ensures you may have one or more utilization management programs, requiring that your admission is authorized for medical necessity and length of stay. Among the utilization management programs are:

  1. Pre-Admission certification
  2. Second surgical opinion
  3. Concurrent review
  4. Retrospective review
  5. Discharge planning


Application of GenBill:


  • Online membership management
  • Affiliate management
  • Employee internet portal
  • Bulk E-mail management
  • Bulk SMS management
  • Newsletter management
  • Billing automation
  • Office soft files backup
  • Internal messaging system


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