GoHotel – HOTEL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is an integrated software the solution that caters to the needs of most functions of a hotel.

Alternatively, Hotel Chains could host WISH at a data center accessed by each property over a reliable and efficient data network.

Hotel Property Management System is web application software developed to manage small and medium-sized hotels efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

The cloud-based system has the prowess to fulfill all the requirements of the hotel industry, which includes room booking, room billing, GST Calculation and Returns, reservation, room management, inquiry and complete accounting module.

The multi-dimensional system provides the instant solution for numerous activities with no risk of loss on an investment due to technical obsoleteness.

Benefits of GoHotel:

  1. On-Premise (Installed) & Cloud Computing (Web-Based)

Probably one of the first things you see about any hotel software solution is whether or not its on-premise or a cloud/SaaS solution.

The names are not too helpful either. If cloud software doesn’t rain, does it even make a sound?

On a more serious note, let’s take a look at on-premise.

For hotels that invest in on-premise software, you usually have to invest in additional space to house this hardware.

Larger properties tend to invest in on-premise because they have the budget for additional hardware, already have an established on-premise system, or have fears about the cloud.

Cloud computing (or web-based/SaaS) doesnt require the additional hardware. Rather, this type of deployment requires no hardware, operating entirely through a computer, or even a tablet or smartphone.

You have to have a strong internet connection to be able to access your system, however. All of your data is available instantly, though you can also set up privacy settings so only certain data is available to certain employees.

If you are a Gmail user, you are essentially using Cloud software All of your files are saved through Google Drive, which you can access anywhere with an internet connection.

No need for a USB or a CD-ROM (whatever those are). You can access your email, your spreadsheets, even your contacts and your calendar.

  1. Guest Experience Management

Guest experience management is a broad catch-all for hotel management software that has a component meant to enhance your guests stay at your hotel.

But how does that translate into real life?

One common way is a guest profile tool, meant to track guest information, including preferences, like if they prefer extra towels in their room, and other specific requests they have made to their reservation.

For example, if your guest has a groundnut allergy that would be good to note so room service can avoid a disaster.

Guest profiles also come in handy when it comes to guest history, enabling you to keep track of your returning guests preferences.

Furthermore, since they are returning guests, you can also give them rewards (like a discount) or some sort of acknowledgment thanking them for choosing to stay at your property again.

If you do have a booking that also crafts deal and discount, but still, maximize your revenue, this would also be a great way to make use of that awesome tool.

  1. Housekeeping/Maintenance Management

The front desk features are obvious, but what does software have to do with housekeeping and maintenance.

With GoHotel software, you can actually track rooms that need cleaning or a prepare for guest arrival or even track the number of rooms that are cleaned on a given day.

A large complaint of housekeeping staff is that they dont have enough time to thoroughly clean each room, leading to a less clean, accommodation than more guests would like.

When I have time I will clean everything, but sometimes its so busy and management still expects everything to be cleaned as fast as on a day that is not as busy. If this is the case, I usually won’t vacuum, and will just do a fast clean, like the wash out the bath instead of scrubbing or be dusting over surfaces quickly.

You dont need that reputation. So why not help them out?

In terms of maintenance, you can keep track of areas that need attention as well as scheduling future repairs or checkups to ensure that plumbing and electricity are running efficiently and effectively.

  1. OTA Integration

OTAs, or online travel agencies, are largely third-party booking sites, like

Integration with third-party platforms is integral to keeping your booking organized. Imagine double booking a room because one guest went through your homepage and another went through I smell a bad review coming.

OTA integration can prevent that and even handle multiple third-party platforms, so you can invest in multiple OTA sites without fearing potential overlap. It’s a great way to stay organized and even monitor which OTAs are driving reviews to your site, ensuring that your investments are paying off.

  1. Payment Processing

Payment processing can be a great way to facilitate your checkout process and give you the power over your revenue.

Payment processing features can vary across different solutions, with some able to accept multiple currencies great for international hotels or those who pull and additional security components to sensitive customer information at your property.

Why is this important?

Hotels are now one of the most accessible industries to hackers. Whether it be an unsecure internet connection or payment processor, private guest information is put at risk, including credit and debit cards, comprising bank accounts around the world. Even guest profiles can be accessible, supplying hackers with sensitive personal data.

Sometimes these breaches occur over the course of eight months before noticed.

For hotels, having a secure payment processor should be one of your top priorities, considering the potential for reputation fallout that a data breach can bring. Say goodbye to loyal guests if you dont invest in this important feature.

  1. Reviews Management

Many hotels opt for reviews on third-party platforms (or even Facebook), but its still important to include them on your homepage to reaffirm your quality of service.

According to bright local, 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. To put this into perspective, out of these participants about 30% search for hotels/B&Bs over the internet in the course of a year, with 35% reading online reviews specifically for hotels/B&Bs.

And negative reviews can actually be positive, too.

Bad reviews improve conversion by 67%, says e-consultancy, and that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. It shows that you value all feedback. Anything too good cant be true.

If that still causes worry, having a few negative reviews won’t matters if you have plenty of positive reviews that make your negative ones seem more like outliers than part of your overall guest experience.

  1. Wearable Integration

Wearables Integration is a hot exercise tool and a fun tech gadget. How can they translate into the real world of GoHotel?

Let’s go back to that housekeeping/maintenance feature.

While you can track housekeeping progress, many hotels use an outdated method of housekeepers calling down to the front desk to mark that another room has been cleaned.

With wearables, you can track these employees and potentially their cleaning times to give you a more accurate picture of both cleaning speed and which rooms have been cleaned.

But wearables hold promise for your guests as well.

Wearables also have the ability to receive guest data and can give you a picture of what amenities attract your guests.
Disney theme parks, for example, have been experimenting with their My Magic wearables.

Transportation to a hotel from the airport and choosing where to eat. The MagicBand also serves as a room key and ticket for attractions, replacing the need to carry around bulky key cards and folded papers, both of which are lost frequently.

In addition to convenience, wearables also allow you to track what amenities your guests flock to.

For example, say most guests visit the pool around noon or take advantage of the spa in the morning. With that information, you can have more employees available at the pool around popular times or change employee schedules at the spa to accommodate the influx of guests.


Any other hotel management software features you need to be defined? What features are most important that arent covered here? Let me know in the comments below.

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User Management

  • Manage multiple hotel properties with Management/Super Administrator/Administrator logins
  • No limit to the number of (staff) user accounts
  • Real time financial status available to authorized users.
  • Room status – available/reserved/checked-in/checked-out/blocked
  • Room availability lookup, summary & stay information grid
  • Details for a returning guest automatically filled in the reservation screen
  • Guest details: name, address, email address, fax number, phone number, credit card(s), company, member/number, preferences, free format notes
  • Historic and current records (mail and email addresses, phone & fax numbers, contact names etc) of and revenues from/payments to travel agents, sources of business, groups, companies etc in a central database.
  • Credit limits for guests, companies, Agents etc
  • History of guest hotel stays including dates, rates paid, total expenditure, sharers, preferences, notes
  • Search for a reservation by last name, first name, group name or confirmation number all from a single search
  • Override standard room rates/packages with appropriate authority
  • Special guest requests including for a specific room, adjoining rooms, same floor rooms
  • Late arrival/check-in, early check-in, late checkout (with the option to charge extra)
  • Extra bed/cot
  • Group reservations (multiple rooms under one name/bill).
  • Record name & room number of group leader
  • Inquiry on guests scheduled to arrive/depart on a specific date
  • Sources of business/travel agent codes and information (for calculation of and payment of commission)
  • Collection of deposits for room reservations
  • store, laundry, tours (POS assisted))
  • House count
  • Statistical history and forecast
  • Detailed up-to-the-minute House Status
  • Rooms availability
  • Occupancy %
  • Reservations, checkins, checkouts
  • Average guest stay duration
  • Total room revenue Average room rate, RevPar
  • Balances by not due, due, overdue and total
  • Collections by payment method (cash, cheque, MC, Visa etc) & total
  • No shows, cancellations
  • Rate variations & discounts
  • Travel agent commission

Features of GoHotel Software:

These are the different features of GoHotel Software.

  • Reservation Center: Reservation center is the place where a hotelier can check current bookings and availability, take new reservations and manage them. Some software also supports group bookings.
  • Front Office Operations: Front office operations includes check-in, guest profile information, room allocation, checkout, Night Audits, Housekeeping, expense management etc.
  • Guest Profile Management: Managing guest profile is essential because proper management of guest profiles and recording their preferences can boost revenues through repeat bookings.
  • An efficient hotel management software like eZee Absolute can boost guest engagement by sending pre-arrival, in-house and post-departure notifications and emails. And can send and schedule email marketing campaigns directly or via third party integrations.
  • User Privilege & Security Control: Advanced hotel management software support multiple users with limited or full access. An admin can create and assign work to specific users and restrict the data they can access, delete or update. This ensures data security.
  • Charges, Deposits, and Invoicing: A hotel management software should be able to manage charges, deposits, and taxation efficiently to create proper invoicing.
  • Mobile Support: Many cloud-based hotel software provides the ability to access hotel management software on the go. Some advanced on-premise hotel software like Jain software provides instant reports on the mobile via a mobile app.
  • With the help of GoHotel system, you can manage offline and online hotel sales.
  • You can manage right from reservations to check-outs, with channel manager, booking engine.
  • As well as you can track guest at every stage of stay, starting from booking to check-out.
  • Hotel software offers front office and property management capabilities, guest relationship management, fast learning and a user-friendly platform.
  • It can be used in Budget Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Megamalls, Clubs, Restaurant & point of sales etc.

The GoHotel software is an ultimate management solution to maintain hospitality and customer relationship management by a hotel.

A GoHotel system can be used for managing rooms to engaging with guests in the hospitality industry like at restaurants, hostel, lodges, suites, resorts etc.

Technology is not something that you must fear in this age, but something you should learn to embrace. It can truly transform the experience for your customers and differentiate your hotel from all others.

Software for GoHotel system or Hotel ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a software solution developed & designed for hoteliers to manage. It provides easy to use hotel billing software, reservation system, and online hotel booking software.

The hotel industry has been booming for years. With the entry of new entrepreneurs in the business, the market is adapting to the environment of competition, and the one who survives is the sage! In order to manage a hotel and ensure it has the smooth functioning, hotelier needs to incorporate a Hotel PMS software. After all, a hotel without a software is like a human body without a skeleton.

Features like front office, POS, inventory, payroll, internet hotel booking software, hotel billing software and interfaces contribute to the hotel software in making it as a full-fledged system which becomes the backbone of any hotel.

Severe heartburns are caused to hoteliers because of the problems faced by them while running a hotel, and it is a hospitality management system which provides ready solutions for all the complications.

Customer Purchase Insights for Hospitality Management Software


“This Hotel is perfect for families. we had several different. suite option to choose from and great service”


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