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The innovative approach in Inventory management which allows you to control every aspect of inventory detail from computer, mobile or tablet . The software specially developed for dual mode (online & offline) and for tracking inventory , orders, sales and deliveries in convenient manner.

Important features :

Access Levels

Whether you’re from order management team or accounting team or delivery team, we have defined clear access levels for all roles so that one department like order management should not able to access accounting modules and vice versa by default. Administrators of software will have right to access all departments and can also assign multiple roles to one user 🙂

Multi-Users + Multi-Units

Multiple users can access this software from multiple locations simultaneously. So let’s say when administrators of software checking reports of inventory, order managers can place new orders and it will auto-update at all end instantly.

Critical Stocks Notification

Stop checking stock module! The Inventory Management Software has the functionality of auto notify users as well as admin when any product stock reaches a set level, does it sound good? 🙂

Online + Offline mode

Let’s say you have to access software only in your one office and without an internet connection? Do not worry, it is possible with this software.L et say you have multiple offices in various locations and you have internet connections on all those locations, you can avail online version of same software without any extra charges 🙂

Crystal Reports

It’s not Visual Studio report but 4th generation reporting system developed by Jain Software Innovators which changing way of showing, analyzing & understanding data to the world.

Track Sales & Stocks

The software is also working as Billing software so that you can place orders, generate the invoice and track each item stock behind every item. Inventory management software does have the feature of auto-stock deduction when any sales person place orders.

Full automation

The software adapted features like auto-stock deduction, auto progress update, and auto email send when any stock being added or order place from your sales team. The only reason why 23+ sellers of Raipur, India & Hyderabad, India using this software.

Multi-currency invoicing

If you have the international client or wants to bill in any other currency like dollar or rupee, this software works better than any normal stock management software.

Full responsive

Wants to check every bit info of orders and stocks from mobile? You’re at right page! This software is fully responsive with any device exist in this planet.T hanks to Logical thinkers of Raipur.

100% Uptime Guarantee

So, we are not going to host this software on any third party servers. MNCHOST, part of Jain Software Foundation which hosting world’s renowned Multinational corporation will host your Software at minimal cost 🙂

Few facts about “InMan”
  1. Improves the accuracy of inventory orders.
  2. Leads to a more organized warehouse.
  3. Increases efficiency and productivity of business.
  4. Keeps your customers coming back for more.
Controlling stock

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC or tablet and see up-to-date financials or business work flow. It’s small business software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

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