Jain software has developed a powerful tool General Billing Management System (Gen Bill) with highly advanced mechanism.


With Improved Efficiency this software has created a massive revolution In the billing system.  Unparalleled performance in comparison with Tally ERP9.  9 times faster performance than tally in today’s world with a leading edge. It is really a Innovation to success. Highly user friendly in performance. Anyone with a little knowledge in accounting can use it.


Lets talk about its features:

Dual Mode: Online & Offline:

Want to generate a bill and running out of internet connectivity? Stop worrying..Gen Bill can run on offline mode or online mode as per your business requirements .So if you have only one PC and have no plan to put this software online,you can run it without any internet connection .If you’re willing to access all detail of billing from mobile ,other systems you can switch it to online mode .

Multi-users access:

Having Multiple Branches? Why Don’t you switch to GenBill. GenBill can be accessed from 100+ systems from all over the world .Stop worrying, start billing !!


Fully personalized:

Doesn’t matter whether you’re big enterprise, you can personalize this software as per your company name, logo and theme without paying extra charges .Even on invoices, and your company logo will be shown. It allows you to customize whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want.


Invoice on emails

Stop printing, go green! GenBill have innovative feature of auto email invoice to customers when you create any sale from it. You will get a automated email sent to your customer in no time.


Fully responsive

You can access whole software from mobile, tablet, macbook air or any  laptop without having different application for different devices .This is because of the specialized team of our logical thinkers.


 Minimalist Cost

Gen Bill is really easy for your business; we can customize it fully as per your requirements without any extra charges .Many businesses running Gen Bill for their daily accounting and staff management without any issues. We value your money.



Your business does have many employees.  And you can restrict one employee from viewing only particular section of billing software and make rest master password protected. You will have level wise security or access level defined.




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