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MultiMan Software is a leading MLM software company which provides best Direct Selling Software solutions for all kind of multi-level marketing companies that can be MLM business more.

MultiMan Software refers to multi-level marketing ( MLM ) / Affiliate marketing management tool in which an admin user can manage a network, its users, and compensation plan.

MultiMan Software also provides its end users in the network, ability to see their network status, income, and manage their referrals, and payouts.

In short, MLM company will be able to do the entire business and track the process and progress through the MultiMan Software, like new user registration, product purchasing, transactions etc.

MLM Business growing day by day, MultiMan Software plays an important role in the successful multi-level marketing business.

MultiMan Software India is a leading MLM software company which provides best Direct Selling Software solutions for all kind of multi-level marketing companies that can be MLM business initiator or a corporate level MLM companies.

Our fully featured Online MLM Software – MultiMan enables MLM companies to manage and run their direct selling business more effectively towards a successful way.

Our secure, reliable, user-friendly and Web-Based or Online MLM Software –MultiMan Software provides easy tracking of members, sponsors, various kinds of reports regarding sales, revenue, analytical and pictorial presentation in the hierarchical structure of MLM members.

MLM Software India is an Initiative which is registered under section 25 of the Indian Companies.

Our technical team, having decades of experience; always ready to adopt new technologies to provide best Software solutions and always dedicated for clients, data security, research, and development to provide extraordinary features in software development industry.

We offer all technical and IT solutions needed to start MLM Company or running MLM Companies Software Support. Beyond the limits of normal MLM Software, we offer some other software solutions related to Networking Marketing Business in MultiMan Software.

So Why Do We Need the MultiMan Software at all?

MultiMan Software tracks the membership genealogies that provide information about how distributors are related to each other via sponsorship.

A flexible software not just provides detailed information about each member but also supports millions of records.

Based on your requirements, MultiMan Software is also compatible with complicated communication systems.

With a software in place, you can also generate confirmations of orders, promotions and other updates

It also keeps track of commissions, processes checks, and other detailed reports. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep summaries about how and where your business is going, the financial figures, the inventory status, sales volume and membership stats and thus a software makes things easy for you.

In short, MultiMan Software works around the network marketing business models. Thus it can be safely summed up that in order to survive in the competitive market and in order to manage the distribution ship well, invest in MultiMan Software linked with the best and latest impair.

Before starting an MLM business, we know that MultiMan Software is necessary for managing your business and scheduling your tasks. Also help to manage all your customers, accounts and track the sales so that you can increase profitability to your business.

It is wise to select a prominent MLM Software for your business. Infinite MLM is a reliable solution for network marketing.

We provide you the MultiMan Software – the best MLM Software with BENEFITS:

  • High-end features
  • E-commerce solved Effective Account Management
  • Multiple compensation plans
  • Full information about the members, products, and services
  • All the records in one place
  • Separate login for all the members in the user panel
  • Can create different types of plans
  • Well functional commission management
  • SMS Management system
  • Support Multi currencies
  • Support Multiple payment gateways
  • Replicated Website
  • Lead Capture system
  • Only a best MLM company can provide a quality software to run a successful organization. So, pick the best for your business.ution
  • Highly secured
  • Modern techniques

FEATURES of MultiMan Software:

  • Easy to operate: The Infinite MultiMan Software user interface is very simple so it makes easy for anyone with basic internet knowledge. Altogether it’s a 100% user-friendly Software available in online market.
  • Fast and Secure MultiMan Software: Our MultiMan Software is the Fastest, Secure and a Reliable solution to make the system work smoothly. Users can process their payment transactions much secure using Infinite MultiMan Software.
  • Customized-MultiMan Software: Infinite MultiMan Software can be customized to any type of MLM Compensation Plan like Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Board, Party, Hybrid, Stair Step Breakaway and to any other custom compensation plan.
  • Open-Source-MultiMan Software (Modern Open Source Technologies):The software is developed using the modern web technologies like PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Ajax, jQuery, JSON and more. Latest capabilities of CodeIgniter and Smarty are also implemented in our software.
  • Software support:Provides an online help tool to study more about Infinite MultiMan Software along with support.

Free MultiMan Software – MLM software demo

One and Only Company providing MLM Software Demo for one month with free of cost. You can start your software with a free demo right now.Web-based Solution

Infinite MultiMan Software is the complete online solution which can be managed from anywhere on the web.

Design Template:

Our MultiMan Software can apply any design template to get the look and feel of your branded website. You can alter the software as per your requirements.

  • CMS Technologies:Can be used in CMS (Content Management System) to add, update, delete the content with your comfort.
  • Automatic Payment Processing:We provide the secure mode of collecting and transferring the payment by using Payment Gateway.
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart:Online Product Purchasing makes easy by using Infinite E-Commerce Software Solution.
  • Integrated with Inventory Software:By Using our basic Inventory software can Managing stock, purchase, and sale is quite simple and time-saving
  • Multi-Language:This powerful feature, which gives the user freedom to change the language. Which will give you the comfort interaction of the software with a different language of your wish?
  • Multi-Currency:Multi-currency is the feature allowing to do business the same product in various currencies. It also helps for getting more response from the customers.
  • Auto Responder:It is the best internet marketing method which helps to capture names and e-mail addresses. This includes sales messages, marketing messages and promotes your product.
  • Lead Capturing:This feature allows collecting leads having the information of the customers. This lets people know how easily they can get your product and it is essential for making sales.
  • Multiple Payout:This feature helps to make transaction simpler. It supports E-wallet payment, Bitcoin payment, Credit card and others.
  • Genealogy Tree:Genealogy tree is a representation of the members in the form of a tree. The tree is based on the user position and forms team in form of a tree.
  • User-friendly Dashboard:This feature in back office will have a summary of your system. It allows Easy navigation and simple operations.
  • Multi-User/ Role Management:This is the unique feature where you can set the authority level to a different level of management like Admin, Member, Operator, Franchise, Employee, and Customer.
  • Track Activities:The back office works well with tracing activities. All the member activities and transactions are traceable.
  • Member Management:The back office system provides the business to manage profile, password, member details and activate & deactivate options.
  • Sales and Income Report:A complete report on the sales and income are available with the back-office. Business Administrator can monitor sales and all member transactions.
  • Promotional Tools:This feature provides promotional tools for making your business easy and successful. We provide text invite, banner invite and social invites.
  • Manage User Account:This feature allows to manage and control account details, member profile, commission, income details, e-wallet, user epin released income and so on.
  • Privileged User:It allows access control system to give specific privileges to specific user type. Helps registration, set permission and module permission to users.
  • Strong Backup System:With our backup system, the user can restore software to any previous stage without any loss of data.
  • Website Replication:The new user will receive their own personalized website to market their business more effectively. We provide cool and professional Self-Replicating Websites.
  • SMS Integration:The registered member will get instant notifications of user Payout, New joining, Reward, Birthday Reminder etc.SMS Integration is quite vital for any MLM compensation plan.
  • E-Pin:It is a security code generated by the software, it makes safe purchasing of the product, joining etc.
  • E-Wallet:All the funds are added in E-wallet, Using this can purchase Product, E-Pin, transfer the amount to another member etc.
  • Full Responsive:Infinite MultiMan Software is designed exploitation Responsive internet style approach. It mechanically optimizes the page for any device, be it smartphones, tablets, desktops and os platforms like android, ios, etc.
  • E-Mail:Using our E-Mail notification system user will receive all the details of Payout, New joining, reward, birthday reminder etc.
  • Franchise Management:Multiple franchises can order the request and process the order from company head office.
  • Various Reporting Systems:Infinite MultiMan Software has a facility to export the reports in various forms like excel, PDF, CSV’s.


Why MultiMan Software?

MultiMan Software, its full form is multilevel marketing software. In the present age of immense competition, MultiMan Software can be just like a boon to any MLM company.

In order to get total professional success MLM, MultiMan Software plays a very important role. Since it is that crucial it should be fully authenticated and full of accuracy, nothing less than 100 % accuracy, with total integration.

The Jain Software matches up with your standards and caters to all your needs successfully, and not to forget the cost we charge is half what would you pay to other companies manufacturing similar software.

MLM companies are running their business only on trust, and it becomes completely inevitable to move on the business without the help of the MultiMan Software.

Another important thing to be noted is MultiMan Software should also support after its development which is not mostly considered by other MLM software making companies.

But Jain software considers this, as we do not believe in only selling our product to the MLM companies. What is more important for us is to build up your faith in us and not only this but also maintain that faith of yours in us even after you have started using our product.

Thus only developing software is not important but supporting it after its development is also needed which is nicely considered by us. So first you should go through the history of the company, its credibility in the market and its ability to trust building.



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