How Jain Software can be considered as best software company in Chhattisgarh ?

Jain Software is one of the leading software companies in Chhattisgarh. It has earned this reputation over the years due to several reasons, such as technical expertise, quality of services, customer satisfaction, and recognition in the industry. Let’s delve deeper into these reasons to understand why Jain Software is considered the best software company in Chhattisgarh. Technical expertise: Jain Software has a team of skilled software developers, designers, and testers who have expertise in various areas such as web development,…

SPICE forms: A hassle-free process of incorporation

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (‘MCA’) has come with for Incorporation of Company under Companies Act, 2013 to incorporate the company within one day; with the SPICE forms meaning (Simplified Performa for Incorporating Company Electronically). It was a significant step taken by Ministry of Corporate Affairs by introducing e-form INC-32 under SPICe scheme vides MCA’s notification dated 01/10/2016 notifying Companies (Incorporation) Fourth Amendment Rules, 2016. The Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) is primarily concerned with the administration of the Companies Act 2013, the Companies Act 1956,…

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