IGKV Directorate of Farms Project

Chhattisgarh Government IGKV Software Portal Project

September 12, 2013

BigData/Cloud, Corporate Websites, Servers, Software, Website Security

Jain Software working with Chhattisgarh government and Indira Gandhi Krishi Vidyalaya in development of  crop management portal and official website for Directorate of Farm department . Different centers called krishi vigyan kendra of chhattisgarh can now directly connect with directorate of farm head office through website and submit master details ,crop cultivated ,harvested every year .

Each center do have their own login ids from which they daily or weekly uploads reports of crop ,its variety .Center can also contact support team by same platform .

Admins called Directorate of farms have facility to view reports in 9 different formats like :

  • Reports ` Achieves (11) – Include pdf.
  • Reports ` Land (Dynamic) – Include pdf.
  • Reports ` Crop (Dynamic) – Include pdf.
  • Reports ` Center wise (Dynamic) – Include pdf.
  • Login panel ` Admin login (Insertion of center and crop, varieties.)
  • Center login ` Entries of SPP1,SPP2,SPP4,Landincome, Land Cultivation


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