The RestMan – RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE helps the restaurant manager to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing, and inventory control.

The system processes transaction and stores the resulting data. Reports will be generated from these data which will help the manager to make appropriate business decisions for the restaurant. For example, knowing the number of customers for a particular time interval, the manager can decide whether more waiters and chefs are required.

  • Restaurant owners most of the time, have to contend with the daily grinds of running their businesses. Managing a restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most daunting tasks that an entrepreneur can undertake.
  • Restaurant management involves a lot of processes that would ensure the smooth flow of the enterprise and even increased profits.
  • However, doing all the hard work does not cut it when it comes to restaurant management. Many restaurants end up earning pretty much the same despite best efforts on the part of restaurateurs and managers. This is especially true for small restaurants.
  • Many mom-and-pop operations still contend with the trouble of keeping up with the daily requirements of food service such as menu planning, order taking, and inventory update.
  • These technologies take the form of devices and solutions designed to make restaurant owners lives a little better.

For software developers, the restaurant industry has become a niche market, owing to the huge market returns that the sector has been experiencing and the existing demand for new automation tools.

This development gives the impression that most Americans currently prefer to eat out rather than cook at home.

In this modern age of cutting edge computing technology, there’s barely a territory untouched by the ever growing giant called the Internet.

Restaurant management software is one of the many businesses that are on the front lines of software-supported productivity enhancement.

With heavy competition not just with your peers but also huge international brands, the league is no longer what it used to be.

And the customers are swept along with the tide as well without a doubt. The price and quality of the food is no longer the ultimate Decision Influencing Factor.

Restaurant solutions are meant to automate the business processes involved in running such organizations.

However, many processes require specific software, making automation an expensive proposition for those who want to improve all aspects of their business.

Management of restaurants require solutions such as CRM for marketing, HRM for human capital management and inventory management software.

Because of this development, it is no surprise that more and more restaurant owners and customers alike have been If you’re a tech savvy bar and restaurant owner, you would have been half way there figuring out how to use technology to supercharge your business.

Though it might seem daunting, with Restaurant Management Software, you are probably never going to agree to spend a day without it once you get the hang of it.


Need of RestMan:

  • Online presence: Undoubtedly, the key ingredient in the recipe of attracting more customers in today’s world is having a strong online presence. There is indeed an arsenal of arm you can use to get attention and stay in the spotlight. A good Restaurant Management Software can link up with all the popular online platforms. You are the talk of the town Lets boil it down to the elements that constitute the term Online Presence.
  • Website: I don’t think anyone would argue anymore about the importance of having a website for your business.
  • A good website for your restaurant business must have the following features:
  1. Appealing Photographs and Descriptions of Menu: Having a wonderful gallery of mouthwatering dishes is definitely going to attract more customers without a doubt. Once a database for dishes is set-up, the RestMan can update the online menu on your website automatically as soon as you tell the software what you got in store.
  1. Online Ordering and Table Bookings : Most of your customers would personally prefer certain tables or certain views or places while they enjoy their delicious food. But most of the times, they have to put up with whatever space is available. And I dont think anybody has to explain the frustration of waiting for food at the expense of missing an important meeting.


  1. Online Feedback Space: This feature can be great to know how your customers feel as well as for promoting your business. This is probably the most powerful marketing strategy you can use since all of us have been accustomed to make our decision based on other peoples experience.


Features of RestMan:

To minimize the headaches associated with managing a restaurant and to stay ahead of your competitors, consider investing in a RestMan with the following features.

Stock/Inventory Management:

  • Accurate stock visitbility
  • Requisitions and transfers across estates
  • Reliable reporting
  • Point-of-Sale integration
  • Peerless view of your operation
  • Cost-per-outlet visibility
  • Right stock, right place, right time
  • Waste reduction
  • Fully automated processes

Table Management:

  • Seat Your guest
  • Accurate wait Times
  • Faster Table Turns

Menu Management:

  • Food-based planning and tracking
  • Ability to build and add custom recipes
  • Post-production and record keeping
  • Fully integrated with inventory management component

Cash flow Management:

  • Multiple cash flow views
  • Companies&projects
  • Projection Reports
  • currency conversion
  • multiple users

Loyalty Program:

  • Discounts
  • Rewards
  • Vouchers
  • Cashback
  • Lottery

Order Status

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Offline mode

  • Restaurant management is not an easy task and when it comes down to keeping track of and managing day-to-day tasks such as inventory management, stock management, consistency management etc depending on a RestMan is something worth considering even for the most experienced restaurant operator.


Stock/Inventory Management: Imagine having to go to the library to refer about something you would like to know, be it about how to manage a restaurant or anything else.

The operations that you can perform using these reports are priceless, based on the past report you can make several changes like removing the menu items that are not selling.

This will not only make you life a lot more easy but will also improve the profit of your restaurant.


Table Management: Instead of having to walk back and forth to monitor the status of the tables, that is, if they are occupied, vacant or reserved is a tiresome task.

Automating these tasks will not only take a lot of weight off your shoulders but will also increase the average table turn-around time.

Increased table turn time not only ensures an increase in profit but also leaves a smile on the face of your customers as they get seated.


Menu Management: Based on your past sales reports some changes might have to be made to the menu to prevent any type of loss that might occur due to the items that aren not selling.

The lack of a digital Menu will require you to print different menu cards as per the changing needs of? customers.

The most important basic building elements for the restaurant posses unique revenue propositions select menu, target need of customers restaurant competing techniques.


Jain software an online platform provider offering a RestMan with maximum unique features at best affordable cost the mobile app builder of this platform makes analysis and makes content about restaurant and problems which causes slow down business and profits.

The major and unique world class hospitality and business enhancement features that a restaurant owner require is:

  • Menu management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Dynamic database
  • Updating menu instantly
  • Customized to support the restaurant

Order your food through online Jain software is used to create a website for hotel and restaurant which is used to place the customers order through online user can order any kind of foods that are provided by the hotel and restaurants providing the home delivery as a service this Jain software developer main aim is to save user time and money user time and money. This source code can automatic online food ordering.

This innovative RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE platform is specially designed to handle the varied activities involved in managing a full-fledged restaurant.

It is a great RestMan choice for restaurants of any size as it has a highly user-friendly and essential user interface, which can be completely customized for your restaurant.

Packed with a number of powerful utility based facilities,e-commers Bur can perfectly manage your banquet operations, billing transactions, customer relationship management to provide in-depth insight into your restaurants overall performance.

It is a modern tool which collects, analyzes and stores all essential restaurant data to comfort the workflow operations and brings about high levels of productivity.


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