Search Engine Optimization-SEO

SEO is the process that affects the online visibility of a website. It is used to increase the traffic on a website, to rank any website and to set priority in terms of Google and other search engines. Everyone wants that their website should be on the first page of the search result as they want can get more visitors to their webpage. More the number of visitors in a website more are the chances of converting them in customers. Every search engine has some particular algorithms used to rank any website. Thus everyone has to understand these algorithms so as to get a good rank. Many people take the help of SEO experts so as to increase their online visibility.

There are many factors on which SEO effects, some general ways are:-


It the description part of any website. It is very important part of a website as it gives the idea of it and shows the purpose of the website. The more precise the content is better is the content. A content must be around 1000 words as complete information should be provided on the website. Content also includes images and videos.

The time taken by the website to open or load itself is called the speed of the website. If any website takes less than 3sec., then it is considered as very good. If it takes 3 to 6sec then it is called good and if it takes more than 6 sec. it comes in the category of the bad website in terms of speed. The speed of the website can be checked through many other websites like Pingdom, Uptrends and many more.




3.Turnaround Time

It is the total time taken between the submission of a program/process for execution and the return of the complete output to the user. Total time spent by the users on a webpage of a website is called Turnaround time. This also affects the ranking of any website. Larger the time user spends on a webpage better will be the ranking of the website. Thus webpage must look attractive and useful to the user so as to increase turnaround time.



The ability of the website to run on different devices like Computer, Phone (iPhone and Android phone). There are many websites which can only work on computer systems and also there are some which run only on phones. Google or any other search engines generally doesn’t approve such websites or ranked very low to these. For better ranking and to get higher visibility on website one need to creates a website in such a way that it supports in every kind of devices. The website should be made in the Layouts of all different devices.

5.Secure sockets layer (SSL)-

Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. Https is a link address where s denotes secure webpage. Search engines always prefer secure webpage and always rank place them in the higher rank. Thus one must secure his/her web so as to be more visible to everyone.

6.Meta Keywords, Meta Title and Meta Description-

Meta keywords are the special types of keywords that enable the user to find their relevant website using those words.

Example- If some needs to find a software company in Raipur(C.G.) then he will type “Best Software company Raipur)” and the result will be shown as :

meta description

Meta Title- It gives users and search engines a brief description of its content. It is visible at the top of the page tab web browsers.


Meta Description- Meta description summarizes the page content of a website. It is the short description of around 155 words which provide the basic idea of the website.


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