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Google paying $1+ billion to Apple Inc

Google paying $1+ billion per year to keep Google search bar on iPhone When Microsoft denied Google appeal to assign google search as default option on Windows operating systems ,Google made a deal with Apple and paying around $1+ billion every year .Payment also based on revenue generated from Google ads clicks from apple iphone devices .   Google Inc. took this step after getting sued from Oracle Inc. for using their java while developing android .   Special court ordered Google to pay…

Google now becomes strict against android spammer

Number One Search Engine Google has now introduced stricter policies for application developers & managers to stop  malicious apps on its Androidplatform. Policy changes for apps submitted to the Google Play app store include new guidelines on app renaming, a ban on apps that disclose personal information without permission and more details on the payment policy. “We are constantly striving to make Google Play a great community for developers and consumers,” the Android team wrote in a letter to app developers. “This…

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