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NIT Raipur Aavartan 2016 Social Cause Inauguration by Sohil Jain

he annual techno cultural festival of NIT Raipur named “AAVARTAN” has started with a seminar in “Cyber Crime Awareness” by former Googler and CEO of Jain Software Developers Mr. Sohil Jain. In this occasion more than 300 students of different discipline from NIT Raipur are present there.   Joint effort of   The seminar started with lighting up lamps on the statue of goddess wisdom saraswati. Formal introduction of guests including M.K Tripathi(faculty incharge) and Mr. Anant Rajimwale(Dean Student Walfare)…

Inauguration of Jain Software Developers Corporate Office by Hon. Rajesh Munat

The Software company founded by IITians and NITians have broad range of experience in every type of software development and technology . Software as per BUSINESS ,Delivering Perfection over code ,Make your presence online , Free Software Development for Social Causes & Online Branding with real promotions ,real peoples are few taglines of Jain Software Developers .