Target 2020- Jain software


target 2020 is an ambitious and potential campaign at Jain software aimed that expansion an improvement that brand itself, it’s product, services and It’s market is an aspirational goal, It is a guidepost to steer our company. Jain software raised it’s target for 2020 predicting that strong momentum in software services would have the way for more predictable and higher revenue streams.

Scope of target 2020

Innovation: In order to create great software, it is important to bring together excellent software     professionals and empower them to work together effectively and efficiently as a team. It is this belief, along with our core values, that enables us to attract some of the best global talent.

We are currently working on a range of exciting software development projects for clients   around the globe. Our business model is different to most other outsource software company. We   create dedicated teams for specific projects and never switch members to other projects, nor do we have team members ‘waiting on the bench’ which ultimately drives costs up. We are innovative in following things which are given below

  1. Product and services
  2. Technologies
  3. Operations and work process
  4. Technical skills

Branding: we are going to use smart branding characteristic and improving our appearance. Our strategy is to capitalize on the next phase of the internet and connected the world. The strategy reflects the fast growing number of internet connected devices, the change in the business is one amid the increasing digitalization, and the concurrent increase in cybercrime. Execution of the strategy will further transformation from an antivirus to a cyber security leader with a broader set of products and services.

Need of such campaign:

We are working with a mindset of perfection over deliverables and excellence over performance driven strategies. Over highly increasing customer base in proof of our dedication. The team of Logical Thinker is ready to overcome every challenges in your Business. We are committed to creating and delivering perfection that empowers corporates and enterprises businesses to achieve more at global status, at revenue and in their values. Jain Software empowering many renowned corporates over some most complicated challenges like Antivirus server security, Employees efficiency analysis tools, Global presence improvement & much more.


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