TECHNOLOGY – I Can’t Live Without

By Author – Yasha Jain


Nowadays, Technology has taken an important place in our life. Almost everybody nowadays has already used technology in one way or another. This just means that the influence of technology is so boundless that it has already reached all of the people in the entire globe today.

Telephones and laptops have become very important around the world. Many people feel bad and lost when their cell phones are taken away. Digital has good and bad aspects. Technology has transformed how politicians and journalists do their business. They can send and receive messages or talk with someone everywhere.


However, too much technology can be bad for people. One study shows that 55 % of high school students spend 9 hours a day using the social network sites and just 1 hour to learn and read. The younger generation is not having face to face conversations but facebook to facebook conversations. Technology can also be bad for business. Many people think they can do a lot of things at the same time, it’s multitasking. Multitasking can affect the brain and can cause stress.


The advancement in technology has occurred rapidly over the past few generations but with this advancement became the depletion of our communication skill. The technology revolution brought with it internet, computers and mobiles phones all of which are the key factor in now dreadful communication skills. Though this new element in society such as texting and video gaming it has become rare to see people, mostly all teenagers, and children, are having a normal face to face discussion especially on the more sensitive topics. This is a social problem which needs to be addressed and solved by the society.

The occurrence of the network society brought about many benefits to the society but the detrimental loss of our communication skills is a major disadvantage to the society. Mobile phones allow fast and easy communication; however, it disallows many people to be comfortable with conversing or confronting people in a facing manner. And the addition of the world of video games to society is slowly helping in the process of cutting our youth off from basic and vital communication skills. This technology epidemic causing a major problem in our society and it should be addressed and solved.


Technology has grown at a massive pace. It’s hard to think of any arena of life or daily activity today which we don’t use technology for. In fact, technology has come so far that you might argue it’s hard to live without it. It’s not that it’s impossible- just that technology makes everything more convenient. It saves us time and makes even the most menial tasks more interesting. Here are some of the reasons it’s hard to imagine a life without technology.


When you think of entertainment, you’re likely to think of technology. People these days get their kicks from televisions, online videos, and gaming systems.

The technology in TVs today is incredible. We can now stream movies and TV shows directly from the internet. What’s more, you can watch in stunning, crystal-clear quality.

More people nowadays are turning to their computers and smartphones for entertainment. In fact apps like YouTube and Instagram give people hours of entertaining video content.


Even traditional forms of entertainment have met with technology. With so much entertainment available at the hands of technological devices, it’s hard to live without it.

My life would be so different without all these technologies. I would not be able to talk to my friends all the time. I probably would not be able to talk to them at all. I text my friends to high school to all the time. I also talk to my friends on my facebook. I would not be able to travel to that much places without the train. My life would be so different without my TV, computer phones, etc.

I do believe that I am very dependent on them. Sometimes I might take it to the next level. One time I woke up and went straight on to Facebook through my smartphone. I think about it now I did not even leave my bed and I was on facebook. Sometimes I will sit on the bed and be on the internet. So I guess I am dependent on technology because, without it, I will get very bored.


Mostly I am very dependent on technology. Most of the times, I have my smartphones with me. So I can listen to music, chat to friends, surf internet and watch videos when I travel. On my breaks between classes, I try to access internet on phone. I will use the internet to text my friend to the next classes.

Without technology, I fell disconnected from the world. I would not be able to talk my friends at all. I really think without technology I myself won’t be able to survive or might die of pure boredom.


In the world of technology, nobody likes to search through a bunch of old books for hours trying to find a small piece of information when you could have pages of all the facts you need with just the click of a mouse. Without having a computer to help me find information when I need it, my life would be a lot more complicated. With computers, almost any problem you have can be solved just by pressing a few buttons.



Although after this long concept, I can conclude Technology as An Addiction.

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