The Art of Getting What You Want – PERSUATION


In order to persuade effectively, you start with your persona. Much of a decision about whether or not to buy from you come within seconds of meeting you and long before you have a chance to open your mouth and say your first words. This is a situation where you have to make your first impression. You should worth listening. If people are investing their time then make it count. Create an impression that no one could forget easily. Influence them with your words.

Persuasion is both an art and a science, but one that everyone must master. Your ability to earn is in direct proportion to your ability to persuade. Persuasion truly is the art of getting what you want. Thing like your voice and communication skills and the presentation of your total package, your complete persona creates the impression that is necessary to influence.  In order to master the art of getting what you want, you need to increase your awareness and hone your thinking in order to transcend the ordinary level of awareness that most people never move past.

The law of attraction says that ‘you will get eventually get everything that you want.’ It is possible to fulfill all your wishes. You just need to set your goals and act to achieve it. You should know your strength and weakness before you dive into the ocean.  You should be motivated in spite of several odds against you. Creativity has the power to change the human behavior. Do self-analysis all the time. This will help you to know your positive and negative aspects. Do what needed to be done. Believe in yourself. Everything in nature happens for a reason.

Take one step at a time. Each unique desire requires visualization, tackling limiting beliefs and pouring positive energy into the world—if you aim to manifest dozens of things at a time, your split focus can lead to confusing feelings and send out unclear signals to the Universe. Focus on one thing at a time. Focusing on gratitude can help to get you to the place you need to be, whether you take five minutes to think of things you appreciate every night, keep a gratitude journal or make a daily habit of passing gratitude on to another person.

Overcome the barriers and you will rise from the ashes. Your ego will always prioritize competing, winning, feeling superior and improving status. Instead, you need to set intentions that harm no one and are purely driven by love, viewing yourself as already being and having exactly what you desire. This way of working will always imbue you with more power than the selfish ego can offer. Your intention point is the “meeting ground” between your heart and your brain. It’s what has the power to help you listen to your gut and make the right decision.

If you have limiting beliefs and negative experiences from the past standing in the way of your manifestations, you might need to “reset” your intention point.

Wash clean your mental slate and wake up with a newly heightened awareness of your potential.


The first step to getting anything in life is first deciding what you want. You must choose a definite place in order to actually arrive. Most people avoid doing this out of fear that they will be “missing out” or make the “wrong decision,” but these feelings are coming from a lower place; a negative self-outlook.

Crafting your goal is one thing; however, it will never get done if you don’t have the belief that you can do it. The great business leader, Henry Ford, said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.

This is moving forward in spite of your environment. You may hear people mock you and or disagree with your goal. You may see people failing or struggling at achieving a similar goal. You may feel like there is no room for you to accomplish your goal. Yet, there is an awesome verse from the bible that I love and that rings true in so many philosophical and business spaces. Walk by faith and not by sight.


In your mind, imagine that you have already achieved the goal. Then begin to think “what is the last step that I took to get here.” Then from that step, ask yourself again, what did it take to get here? And repeat until you have walked backward from your goal to now.

Reverse engineering allows you to see all the steps, time, money, and energy required to achieve what you want. I walk people through this process in my one on one coaching all the time and alleviates the fear and overwhelm attached to achieving big goals.