Transportation innovation

Through the adoption of advanced technologies such as wireless networking, track-and trace systems and RFID tags, the transport and logistics sector has achieved significant productivity gains. Technology is transforming the business of storage through more efficient warehouse management systems and changing the nature of transport through vehicle and load optimization and systems that reconcile loads with invoices. However, for some companies in the transport and logistics sector, the productivity benefits gained from implementing technology do not stack up against the costs. In markets where labour is already cheap, or where there is the option of importing cheaper labour from overseas, the potential savings may not be worth the investment. Below are the transportation innovation that will save your time and money:

  • Maglev trains
  • Bike share program
  • Electric cars
  • Smart roads
  • Driverless car

Smarter city transformation:

The transformation to smarter cities will require innovation in planning, management, and operations. Several ongoing projects around the world illustrate the opportunities and challenges of this transformation. Cities must get smarter to address an array of emerging urbanization challenges. The number of cities worldwide pursuing smarter transformation is growing rapidly. However, these efforts face many political, socioeconomic, and technical hurdles. smarter city initiatives often require extensive coordination, sponsorship, and support across multiple functional operation. The need to visibly demonstrate a continuous return on investment also presents a challenge. The technical obstacles will centre on achieving system interoperability, ensuring security and privacy, accommodating a proliferation of sensors and devices, and adopting a new closed-loop human-computer interaction paradigm.



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