Website Development Process In A Nutshell 

If you are here, you presumably know what a website is. It is appropriately referred to as a digital address from which anybody may get information, engage with your company, and carry out a wide range of tasks that you direct them to.

Nowadays, getting a website has become very easy as you may contact a website development company in Raipur for the same. However, it is pertinent for you to know the development process. 

The leading website design and development company in Raipur- Jain Software has come up with a blog on the website development process. 

Collect The Required Information

Having all the important information is very crucial in the development process that is usually disregarded. Getting information about the company is vital in order to make sure that your web design is going in the appropriate direction. 

Make a detailed note of the company’s objectives with your intent to have a website. Do some audience research and understand their needs and pain points so that you can offer them a better experience. 

The more information you provide to the website development company in Raipur, the better they can deliver to you. Without adequate preparation, things will not go as per plan. If you don’t have a proper plan, the project’s scope expands as the design and development process goes on, which causes longer timelines and higher expenses.

Finalizing The Right Technology Stacks

During that stage, it’s crucial to decide on the technology and programming language that will power your website. Your understanding of the goals of the website will play a role in determining if you need WordPress web designers or specialists in some other framework.

If your goal is to sell products online, it’s better to choose a Shopify web designer or experts on BigCommerce, Kibo, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Intershop, or any other framework if your goal is to sell products online.

Before choosing one, you should do a comprehensive examination of several programming languages and technology stacks. If you don’t have much knowledge for that, you may let the website design and development company in Raipur choose for you considering your requirements. 

Graphics Design And Content Writing

To reinforce the company identity on the website, it is crucial to carefully incorporate visual and textual components. Experts work on logos and brand colours as part of the design process. 

The website design company typically produces one or more website prototypes throughout the design process for you to choose from. A prototype often consists of a static picture that depicts the website’s ultimate appearance.  The prototype design will have space for texts or content. 

Once you finalize the design, the content writers start the writing process and come up with best-in-class texts that are not just loved by your visitors but also by search engines. 

To make sure that the finished website reflects the client’s goals, preferences, and vision, they should be kept informed at every step of the design and development process. At this stage, brainstorming and idea-sharing are essential.

Design And Development Work

The design itself should be prepared at this time. However, it often takes the form of static visuals. Depending on how intricate the design is, it needs additional development work to convert it to HTML/CSS and then add a layer of animations or JavaScript.




A “shell” for the inside pages is created first, then the homepage. The shell, which includes the website’s main navigation, acts as a template for the content pages. The design team’s job is to add content to internal pages once this shell has been made.

The sitemap and the wireframes should be decided when you’ve finished with it. 

Website Testing

The testing procedure begins once the website is almost ready to go live with all its required content and graphics. To ensure that the website is presented properly across all browsers and that all links are operational, a website design and development company in Raipur does the testing.

The wording of titles and descriptions may affect how well a website performs in different search engines. Once your website has some traffic, you may use A/B testing strategies to identify the perfect pairing.

Time To Make Website-LIVE

At the final stage, websites move from the local server to the live server so that anyone can access them from around the globe. For the initial period, A team from a website development company in Raipur set up routine maintenance and analysis to maintain the website operational.


Websites are called the mines of data and from thereon you may get insights for the next big marketing and advertising coming.  It gives you a digital identity. Whether you intend to sell products online or not, having a website is even helpful in bringing more buyers to your physical store. 


Contact website design and development company in Raipur–  Jain Software, for all sorts of website design and development work. 




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