What Is Web Hosting And Its Different Types?

Oftentimes, one web developer might find themselves in a situation where they might need to host an internet website. As and when unfamiliarity arises with the domain of web hosting and its types, it is helpful to look at some guides that explain it well. 

Jain Software- the leading website development company in Raipur has come up with a blog with detailed explanation!

So, What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting practically happens when files from your local computer are uploaded onto a web server. You must present the skeleton of your website when you decide to go online. 

It ought to be presented as HTML files. These documents control your website. Your media files, such as pictures and videos, are then saved in a storage location after you submit them. These files are accessible to website visitors.

You require this storage to operate your website. Some websites offer hosting services. They are known as servers. The resources of the server which can be RAM, bandwidth, and hard drive space are all individually allocated to websites that tend to use it for a purpose. We at Jain Software- trusted website development company in Raipur offers hosting services. 

What Are The Different Kinds Of Web Hosting?

Free Hosting

This is an unpaid, totally free web hosting service. Numerous well-known websites that offer to host a few web pages for free provide this form of hosting. Free is undoubtedly the biggest selling factor, but for novices, ease of maintenance also stands out. 

You can experiment with building your first website there for no cost to yourself. It’s an easy-to-use playground. Shared resources mean that your server won’t have the power to keep things going well, and it simply isn’t trustworthy enough. Smaller websites, bloggers, and newbies who want the freedom to make mistakes as they learn how the web works will find it to be a quick and simple option. However, If you want to build a fully functional media or a commercial website, free shared hosting won’t work for you. For that, also contact a reliable website design and development company in Raipur

Shared Hosting

Similar to hiring a desk in a crowded, noisy open-plan office or co-working facility is shared hosting, another type of web hosting. You share the space with other coworkers, including the kitchen, printer, and restroom, and you have all the contemporary amenities, like a desk, an internet connection, and some stationery. 

The area cannot be renovated, such as by adding whiteboards or other features. It is not ideal for large-scale commercial projects but is a common choice for starting tiny websites.

Virtual Private Server

An excellent improvement over shared hosting is a virtual private server (VPS). Renting a space in a business park will be advantageous for medium-sized businesses. Users are separated from one another when using a VPS. Although you have neighbours, you are less dependent on them, and you are free to organise your workspace and make any changes (customizations) you like.

Compared to shared hosting, where you don’t have dedicated server space, VPS is a safer and more reliable option. Nevertheless, it is less expensive and more limited than hiring a whole server.

Website owners who have medium-level traffic that surpasses the allowances of shared hosting plans but who don’t require the resources of a dedicated server typically go for VPS hosting from a dedicated hosting service provider or from a website design and development company in Raipur .

Dedicated Hosting

Large websites with heavy traffic should use this sort of hosting, which is provided by a dedicated server. In this scenario, a hosting business lends an entire web server to the company seeking to get online. 

This is appropriate for businesses like Google Cloud that host bigger websites, administer the websites of others, or run a sizable online marketplace.


Reseller Hosting

Simply said, reseller hosting is a hosting business where you, the reseller, rent out your services to your clients in exchange for a profit. These web hosting services include things like server CPU, RAM, storage space, and bandwidth. Depending on how much server space and other resources you have bought, you could have 10, 50, or any other number of customers.

If you currently run a web development or design firm, for example, including web hosting in your service offering can help your online business become a one-stop shop for creating websites.

Managed Hosting

When a hosting company rents you a dedicated server, they manage the server themselves. This is known as managed web hosting. The service provider manages your server, does software and hardware upkeep, offers security, keeps an eye on activities, and handles backup services. To know more about that, contact a website design and development company in Raipur

Although a dedicated server is used in both managed and dedicated web hosting, in dedicated web hosting, you are in charge of the server management. In contrast, managed web hosting takes care of server management, providing proactive support and alerting customers to necessary changes. 


Your website’s requirements increase as time goes by. Because of this, there are many different hosting plans available, ranging from budget-friendly to custom. 

The sheer variety of web hosting providers available can be overwhelming if you have never had to sign up for hosting before. We have discussed which would be the greatest fit for your website and how much you should budget for hosting services.

Contact Jain Software- the top-notch website development company in Raipur. We not just design and develop websites, we provide cheap hosting services.

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