Whats next? Vehicle-to-vehicle communication with connected cars

There is common refrain heard from nearly everyone gathered in Detroit to attend the world congress on intelligent transport system, connected car will be the ultimate internet of things. They will collect and make sense of the massive amounts of data from a huge array of source. Car will talk to other cars exchanging data and alerting drivers to potential collision. They will talk to sensors on signs on stoplight, bus stop even one embedded in the road to get traffic updates and rerouting alert and they will communicate with your house, office and smart devices acting as an a digital assistant gathering information you need to go about your day.

To do all that, they need the cloud because connected cars need data. Lots of data. Automobiles today are already packed with an impressive amount of processing power, because some 100 million lines of software code help run the typical luxury vehicle. But as connected cars before were sophisticated rolling wired devices, the amount of information flowing back and forth from them will skyrocket and so they will demand for the cloud’s scalability and storage capabilities.

The cloud also provides sophisticated processing and analytical capabilities. The cloud is the central hub where all of this quickly changing, far-flung information will pass through. It will provide the platform for making sense of this data and the cloud is also the home for building and developing the apps and programs used by cars on the road.

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