Why php is Light Weight?

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We all know php is server side scripting language, basically it is user for programming purpose for designing the web site but we can also use as general purpose programing language.

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Firstly, it is introduce in 1994 by Rasmus lerdorf and his group. As its name implies php, stand for hypertext preprocessor before this language is going to popular, is known as Personal Home Page tools and is use for tracking the resume etc.

Basically php is combination of two languages that’s C and Perl that’s reason behind its syntax look like C programming language. Today we see several number of versions like php 1.0, php 2.0, php 3.0 and

today we have latest version of php that’s php 7.0.

We can easily embedded the php code into html code, and it can combine in various web templates easily. Php codes are easily interoperated by web-servers without any king of troubles and get the output very fast.

At the beginning time php works under the ZEND Engine and executing the php code using Zend interpreter.


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Actually php is open source product and users can easily download from the internet. And it is compatible with MySQL server that is also an open source product.


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