Gi-Fi Technology


Introduction of GiFi:

  • GI-FI means gigabit wireless.
  • Worlds first transceiver integrated on single chip.
  • Operates on 60ghz on the CMOS process.
  • Allows wireless transfer of audio and video data at upto 5GB per second.
  • Transfer data within an indoor environment usually within a range of 10ms.
  • Man behind Gi-Fi is Professor Stan Skafidis of Melbourne university.

Evolution of GiFi:

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Why GiFi:

The reason for pushing into Gi-Fi technology is because of

  • slow rate,
  • high power consumption,
  • low range of frequency operations of earlier technologies i.e. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi’s.

Gi-Fi Access Devices:

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Application of GiFi:

  • In wireless PAN networks.
  • Inter-vehicle communication system.
  • Huge data file transfer.
  • Office appliances.
  • Video information transfer.

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