LiFI stands for Light Fidelity since?we are unable to understand the meaning through its fullform so we will go deep into it.


How LIFI works?

LiFi works on VLC system(Visible Light Communications).

LiFi is quite similar to WiFi it is used to for the purpose of communication wirelessly.


As we know that WiFi uses radio waves to transfer data from router to device or from device to router, but in LiFi it uses light to transfer data.


An LED light bulb is a semi-conductor light source meaning that the constant current of electricity supplied to an LED light bulb can be dipped and dimmed, up and down at extremely high speeds, without being visible to the human eye.


Benefits of LIFI

  1. Higher speed than WIFi
  2. It is believed that the technology can yield a speed more than 10 Gbps, allowing a HD film to be downloaded within 30 seconds.
  3. Security of LiFi is surely better than WiFi because light can go beyond the room.

Disadvantages of LiFI

  • Nowadays devices are not able to work with LiFi
  • Other sources of light may interfere with the signal. One of the biggest potential drawbacks is the interception of signals outdoors.Sunlight will interfere the signals, resulting in interrupted Internet.


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