Ebay-Amazon Autosync magento extension

Extension which is smart ,flexible and secure and helps your ebay ,amazon and custom site to be in sync manner .

September 12, 2013

BigData/Cloud, Ecommerce, Software

This magento extensions helps ebay and amazon sellers to fetch and insert products from custom ecommerce website to amazon and ebay store by simply pressing LiveSync button or setting up scheduler every day .

All controls are made in your Magento back office, with no need for an external software or subscription.

With Jain Software’s ebay and Amazon Extension, you can manage:

► Sync images of products 

► Sync attributes of products from ebay and amazon .

Several countries: United States ,France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, United States, Canada


The ebay and amazon extension’s functions allow you to manage your e-commerce Account independently and to perform efficient data updates.

Publish a item for sale:

1 ` Perform an EAN code matching: Execute a search for corresponding product files between Amazon and your product catalog based on the EAN code. If one or more products already exist, you only have to add the information regarding your offer, without having to create a new product file.

2 ` Create a product file: If your product does not exist on Amazon, you can create a product file in Magento and transfer the information directly to your Amazon account. With the Amazon extension, you can manage basic products such as keyboards and computer screens, as well as customizable products such as clothing and shoes.


Product Advantages:

– Matching is based on any of the following product codes: SKU, EAN, UPC or ASIN (code specific to Amazon)

– Option to create products without barcodes. When your product does not already exist on Amazon, you can create a product file without having to provide a barcode.

– Manage product images: You can modify and update your product images directly from your Magento back office and synchronize them on Amazon.

Manage required and optional attributes such as “bullet points” or “search terms” by associating Amazon’s attributes with Magento’s or by using default values.

Add your products (matching EAN and new offer creation)

The search for corresponding product files based on the EAN code, also known as matching, guarantees an accurate match with the products in your catalog.

Corresponding product search results are provided immediately, and you can begin to update your prices and stock information right away.

The main screen shows your entire catalog. Each product is given a Marketplace status: pending or added.

You can add several products at a time to Amazon using their EAN codes. If the product already exists on Amazon, it is associated. If it doesn’t exist yet, a product file is created. If you already sell products on Amazon, our module is also able to download and update your product list.


Price and stock updates


Once your products are published on Amazon marketplace, prices and stock levels are updated automatically every 20 minutes. You can apply a price coefficient, as configure stock levels and delivery delays. The extension is able to manage prices with or without VAT.

Install in your Magento system for complete control of your sales!

Embedded ERP is a singular tool to manage your stock. Keep an eye on your stock situation practically in real time and optimize your purchases to respond to your customers’ immediate needs.

Smart Price, the intelligent re-pricing tool: As market prices continue to rise, you can keep up by applying your own settings to re-price your products. Smart Price allows you to adjust your product prices without risking profit loss by assessing the competition and re-pricing accordingly.




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