Transport Management System

Track your vehicles online ,manage your vehicles from one tap :)

September 12, 2013

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Jain Software | 12th Feb,2016 | Transport Management Software

Transport Management System is developed to avail online tracking of vehicles . Main purpose is to measure the number of vehicle runs in rack or group of rack.

• Quick Login to Portal.
• Feature enriched admin panel show all activity stats at one place.
• Offline and Online mode to keep working while no internet connection.
• Easily reachable sidebar menu for quick billing.
• Vehicle, Party, items, rack, Diesel, Diesel Expenses Add/Views
• Assign Party & Party Account
• Reports on Party and Vehicle.

The well-featured transport management software is developed with following features :

A. Adding of vehicles based on party .

B. Auto-suggest vehicle name based on first 2-3 letter of vehicle .

C. Addition of vehicle on rack running per month .

D. Calculation of estimate diesel consumed by vehicle /by party .

E. Calculation of overall paid and remaining balance of party .

F. Various types of  vehicle,party ,rack report generation .


Fact : Jain Software Developers created robust VSA called vehicle search algorithm for this project which can search more than 1M vehicle in 1-2 seconds .It not only saved time of client but also helped every party of client in maintaining unique vehicle in calculation records . Thanks to logical thinkers !


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