Site Penetration Testing and Bugs Patching

Site Penetration Testing and Bugs Patching

Site Penetration is also called Pen Testing

Pen testing is the practice of testing a computer network system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Penetration-Testing is also known as security assentation.

Penetration testing is not unique to IT security and is used to wide range of other industries that include but not a limited range of Penetration Testing. Soil Penetration testing, armor Penetration testing, Chemical Penetration testing etc. when applied IT security Penetration testing is most often used to positively identify points of vulnerability.

The main objective of penetration is to determine security weaknesses. A penetration testing can be used to test an organizations security policy compliance, its employees security awareness and the organizations ability to identify and respond to security incidents. Penetration testing may be conducted to complement background investigation and ensure social engineering and networking safety.

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