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September 12, 2013


Jain Software | 21th Jan,2016 | Restaurant Management System | Food Management Software | Dual Mode Hotel  Innovation !

We call it Innovation in era of online/offline restaurent niche because this software fulfilling requirements of more than 4 branded restaurants of Raipur ,Bilaspur ,Bhilai ,etc including ShriSai Enterprise and others.

Premium features of this software are :

A. Dual Mode : Online v/s Offline mode .You can switch over anyone based on your requirements.

B. Adding customers ,viewing customer by cell number,name and even from locality .

C. Adding quick order from available food products or menus .

D. Can runs on dual language : English and Hindi

E. Viewing orders and marking them paid based on delivery on table .Auto-delivery mark feature is also there for Self service restaurants 🙂

F. Viewing daily expenses and earning report in more than 12 impressive formats 🙂

G. Adding staff and other expenses feature

H. Paying staff based on salary calculated by software .

I. Feedback system for your customers .

Price Range : INR 4999 – INR 12,0,500.

Fact : This dual mode restaurant management software developed with extreme care so that it can fulfill needs of every corporate to small restaurant or hotel .

Thanks to Logical Thinkers !

Jain Software Team ,Raipur ,India




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